Would it be wrong if Trump banned Alex Jones

The thing that he did that really crossed the line was terrorizing innocent people whose children were murdered through slander in order to sell more tactical wipes.

Because of his actions and his actions alone, the consequences are that he is no longer welcome to use the free services provided to him by the major social media platforms.

He is still free to use other platforms… he is still on the Google play store, his videos are posted on second tier media hosting sites and his website is still functional.

His free speech was in no way hindered because no one has a right to someone else’s private platform.

It would be a big waste of my time to bother looking up each individual platform and which rules he broke. They all have a decent track record of enforcing their rules judiciously with I’m sure a few exceptions. He wasn’t banned for following the rules, or merely being offensive,of that I am quite confident. There is no shortage of offensive content out there. I’m sure you are familiar enough with the whole scenario to have a good idea of why he was banned from those places, and there is nothing illegal about any of it, not even borderline.

what a stupid comment

ANTIFA, BLM, OWS, Colleges who don’t allow Conservatives to speak without riots, fires, destruction of private property like Berkeley. The list is long of left leaning violent groups and leftist city officials who allow the lawlessness of illegal protests and assembly. Most don’t know what is a legal or illegal protest anymore because libs have screwed it up so much. :angry:

I know, I know, it’s so unfair. He’s treated so unfairly. Sad!

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Somebody needs to study the Constitution.

Hey and Netflix won’t let me put my home movies on there. Is that discrimination or do they get to choose what’s on their platform?

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somebody needs to read the thread, but address the 14th amendment and civil rights act.

is there really terrible speech, or is all speech good?

For the 400,557th time, because of the First Amendment.

Yes. There is terrible speech.

Child pornography would be the low hanging fruit to point to.

there is also the 14th amendment you ignore and the civil rights act.

discrimination is illegal scholar.

the people that buy it like it. some would say two men holding hands is obscene.
are you to be the judge?

Discrimination based on some things is inconstitutional.

It is not illegal for a private company to discriminate against crazy.

You don’t understand this stuff. Are you aware of that?

I am aware you have never considered the 14th amendment in the context of censorship or discrimination because you are a twit.

Is political discrimination illegal?

Political discrimination is just like any other type of discrimination against race, age, or sex. Political discrimination is when someone is treated differently because of the political party they belong to or follow.

Definition of political discrimination - Answers.com

That’s cute. But the executive gets its authority from Article II. From what part of article II do you see the President having the power to go around banning this speech or that speech? He has no more authority to do that than I do.


That is the missing element here.

But if you want to make a case that child porn is like this… then go for it.


so douggy boy, yesterday when Donald was a threat to free speech. he actually has no method to inhibit speech.

glad you get that finally as it is so obvious.

now get to private illegal discrimination and we will give you a not brain dead button.

Bootz, I’ll tell you again, and then I’ll make my exit.

You think you understand this topic.

You don’t understand this topic.

Posting on this forum about how you understand this topic is not going to correct the situation for you.

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