Would it be wrong if Trump banned Alex Jones

what about the KKK or white nationalists.
what if he closed conservative outlets?
would it be good if Trump stopped dissent?

Of course not. Trump cannot ban speech.

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Donald Trump using the force of the government to censor anyone… no matter how terrible their speech… would be a violation of the First Amendment.

Guys… this isn’t hard.

People have a right to speech… they don’t have a right to a platform.

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if it is wrong for trump why is it ok for others?

Who has banned speech for these organizations?

the civil rights act tries to minimize discrimination. the 14th amendment guarantees equal protection. does that allow platforms to discriminate.

Yes it does.

You really don’t understand the difference between public and private?

■■■■■■■■. People get banned from this forum all the time. There’s nothing illegal about it. Again, public vs private.

Because the first amendment applies only to GOVERNMENT action which restricts speech. If the “others” are not government, then it is “okay” from a constitutional standpoint. Did y’all really never learn this?

And it would be abhorrent and a violation of the Constitution if Trump banned conservative media. It would be a catastrophe. Liberals would be dismayed.

What a stupid thread.

Because Donald J Trump is the Chief Executive of the Government and would be using the power of the government to shut down a private entity.

That is a far cry from a private entity choosing not to carry content on their platform.

Time to break up monopolies and political manipulation by Big Tech.

No, they aren’t private companies, in fact, they are giant stock market ponzi schemes. Worse then that they are being used nefariously to place themselves above the USA and other Nations electorate.

This is not the first time technology companies have had to be thoroughly controlled constitutionally for the best interests of the nation and a defense to free speech.

Imagine if/when the phone company had complete power to politically manipulate or ban free speech.

Why do we constantly have to explain really basic stuff?

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Trump could make the blind see and the lame walk and liberals would be dismayed.

Are you actually defending Alex Jones’ “right” to break the rules he agreed to on all those social media platforms he has been banned from?

facebook and twitter for ALEX JONES

you cannot comprehend what I understand cowboy. what you idiots seem to miss is there is no mechanism for trump to ban anything.

nope, because I am not familiar with the rules. what did he do.

come on Jez, how would he do it?

cant believe you fell for that.