Would it be OK for the Right to do Everything the Left is doing?

Just suppose every single thing the left has done the last 4 years if the right decided to turn tables & do to them what they did to us?

Let’s see:
-When the next democrat gets in the Presidency begin impeachment his first day.
-Use the FBI & CIA to spy on him & everyone associated with him to try to dig dirt.
-Get as many of his staff tricked into some kind of invented crime or invent a crime for them.
-Twist & spin the news about him & falsely accuse him every day.
-Go into restaurants & public places to intimidate, scream at, or demean his staff with their children.
-Start riots, & burn down their businesses, loot them, & burn down their houses.
-Do all night megaphones & horn honking in their neighborhoods to intimidate & keep them awake.

Would that be OK?

Fo sho!

The fear and desperation is setting in…

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Please show me where President Trump’s impeachment proceedings began on his first day in office.

Not the first day, but in the first year.

You know the answer to that. Those riots would be closed down in one hour…except for the time it would take to wash the blood away.


Of course things have been very mean and very unfair for Trump’s base since 2016. Should Trump actually lose, they will no doubt join him in reminding the rest of us endlessly.

Only on Fox the rest of the media would dismiss it, likely wouldn’t go no where. It wouldn’t be hard to dig things up on Biden he’s been in public office longer than most of us been alive.


In their hearts!

They was working on it before he was sworn in.


Then I have to wonder why they waited till mid-December of last year to file the articles :thinking:

Takes quit a bit of time to make ■■■■ up and sell it to the sheep.

Who is “they?”

They have been in hiding since Biden won and Terri Reade was silenced.

How genius of those liberals in 2016 to make up a future call by then-president-elect to the Ukrainian president and ask them to investigate Biden under an implicit threat of withholding aid.

How do you guys post stuff like this with a straight face?

Tara Reade wasn’t silenced.

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What does that have to with what I asked ?

An intellectually consistent leftist would say “No. The right’s goal is bad and the left’s is good.”.

A lot of people think X is guilty of hypocrisy or inconsistency when it’s not the case. Example: X works to suppress the vote of Y, but is opposed to Y suppressing the vote of X because X thinks they should be making the decisions due to thinking their ideology is right.