Would Dems impeach Bernie?

If Bernie became the Democrat candidate and actually won the presidency, do you think the Dem establishment would make it their mission to also impeach him? I honestly believe they would. Impeachment is their new default mechanism for undoing elections. As an aside, does anyone know who paid for Pelosi’s souvenir impeachment pens - taxpayers?

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As an aside, do we really want to there? Maybe we can compare how much her pens cost the taxpayers compared to Donald’s golfing.

Only if they believed that in the long run Bernie serving for four years would do more harm to the party than impeachment.

A democrat initiated impeachment of Bernie even for clearly justifiable reasons would split the party permanently and likely lead to widespread violence.

If there going to try and screw him out of it again they’ll almost certainly find a way to do it at The Convention.

Interesting premise.

I could see big money undermining and impeaching the Bern.

Might depend on VP.

The pens are nothing compared to the legal fees that have been wasted.

I would agree, but where is that threshold? If dems did they would forever alienate that radicalism from their base.

IMO it would be more likely that if repug take the house and impeach him you would have “some” dems on board.

I see you edited.

Yes, at convention would be logical choice…it might be a real hoot come mid July. :grinning:

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Why was Pelosi giving out souvenir pens if this was such a serious occasion? She’s just basking in the limelight.

:rofl: I agree that politicians should not be basking in the limelight. It’s deplorable.

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Ooh. She had pens. They probably cost $200 million per day.

Thank God we’ve got Thrifty Don in the White House - his supporters have every right to condemn Nancy and her extravagant pens!

LucyLou: It’s not about the price of the pens. I was thinking maybe the DOJ (or a whistleblower) could look into misappropriation of federal funds. Remember, as the Dems always say - it’s “the seriousness of the charges” that matters most and “not” provable charges. And, ideally, misappropriation of federal funds, if proved, would maybe result in the Speaker spending some time in the PENetentiary.

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Google “untied states senator”

Seems likely. Still a bargain compared to King Putts near daily golf trips to publicize his golf courses.

I can get 200 pens like that for 1.80 a piece…the more you get the less you pay per unit.

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The do nothing Congress will continue to do nothing. Let’s stop giving them a free salary


You should buy them and send them out to all of your fellow forumites as souvenirs of the times. :sunglasses:

For the same reason she paraded that huge ridiculous gavel after the Obamacare vote.

Blame M McConnell for that.

His golf trips don’t cost nearly as much as those pens.


We need an investigation!

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You are funny :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: