Would democrats use mail in balloting to steal an election?

Yes, yes they would. Don’t they already own New Jersey? They even steal when stealing isn’t necessary? Good Lord. BTW, if you did not see this on your liberal new sites. You’re welcome!

So what? They broke the law and are being charged. Shocking!! Stealing merchandise is against the law too. Should we eliminate selling goods because some of them may be stolen?

Mail in voting works great.


Here’s one from Michigan in my own county too! I still believe in Mail in voting.

How many times must we have clear cut evidence of Dems actually committing voted fraud? Every time they say that this is some conspiracy, throw this perfect example right in their faces.

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Someone goes to jail and it’s a perfect example. Okey dokey then.

I got your perfect example right here.

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The plural of anecdote is not data. Take all of the voter fraud from both sides and add them together and it pales in comparison with the number of people disenfranchised and denied their right to vote because of efforts to reduce fraud.

And the people disproportionately disenfranchised has always been Black Americans. For a reason, they vote for Democrats by a wide majority.

Voter fraud is a red herring used to cull voters, eliminate polling stations, mandate IDs and spread disinformation, all in an effort to further GOP chances. It is brought up religiously, every campaign year, in order to rationalize voter suppression.

States have caught on, though. Michigan voters amended their constitution mandating that congressional districts be drawn by a non-partisan committee and that mail in voting will be made available for every voter, if requested. And the GOP has fought this tooth and nail.


You’re damn right we fight it tooth and nail. We want a fair election and mail in ballots are FAR too easy to tamper with.

Yer’ darn’ tootin’ there slick, now go an’ give that old blue wall below a nice quick click…

Trump voted by mail during New York’s mayoral election in 2017, cast an absentee ballot during the state’s midterm election the following year, and again used a vote-by-mail ballot in Florida’s primary election in 2020. In 2017, Trump, first lady Melania Trump and their daughter, Ivanka Trump, all cast absentee votes during New York’s mayoral race. These votes made headlines at the time because it was reported that Melania and Ivanka filled out their ballots incorrectly (and therefore were invalid) while the president listed the wrong birth date:

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Yes they would.

Is that why the US military uses them?

But having one voting center for 700,000 people is normal and not criminal


You’re seriously silly enough to try to draw a parallel here?

Do you know the difference between absentee voting and mass mail in ballots? One is tightly controlled, the other is a mass mail system. I’d say the First family has a pretty damn good reason not to show up at a polling location. Probably a bunch of violent liberals there that would do them harm.

The US military uses them because they CANNOT be present to vote. It’s also tightly controlled and vetted. It’s not just a mass mail based on voter registration that is at times decades old and doesn’t lend itself to mass fraud.

Overreaction to Covid is driving that and it’s wrong.

WOOWW, Cowboy!
Just tryin’ to figure which is the goose or the gander is all.

Absentee voting <> mass mail in voting.

Yeah…there seems to be a pattern there.

Of course libs will deny what we are seeing is real.

Site has video of postal worker throwing away a republican campaign pamphlets.

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls says an unidentified postal worker threw away a bundle of his campaign mailers fliers Friday.

Nehls, who is up against fellow Republican Kathaleen Wall in the July primary runoff election, says he learned of the incident from a business owner who called him.

The business owner showed Nehls the video footage in which a postal worker can be seen throwing an object in the dumpster behind a building near FM 359. The owner said when he went to go retrieve what was thrown away, he found Nehls’ reelection campaign fliers.

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How often would you say military absentee ballots are tampered with?

It’s more difficult than most think it is. With the right safeguards it is far more secure than the in person voting.