Would Biden be the first virtual president?

Biden’s handlers are getting more aggressive in limiting his interviews. Here is one recent example:

If elected, what happens when Biden is unable to speak in front of cameras at all?

Deep fakes are already available for formal speeches. With continued developments in digital technology, will Biden even be necessary for interviews?

Will the only giveaway for a digital double be far fewer slurs and gaffes?

Would it matter if we don’t know who is actually running the government when Biden is mentally incompetent?

I would vote for Max Headroom over Donald Trump.


I wish him well.

Orange man bad. Long live the deep state?

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I would vote for Norman Osborn over Donald Trump.


Do you realize how many of these interviews candidates do back to back with different stations/organizations? So, Biden doing an interview, his communications person jumps in and says that they’re out of time. It is always made clear to stations exactly how much time they have and there’s always a person who needs to be in charge of moving along. So there’s a quick jump in by someone in the zoom conference, and then Biden is back and they do real quick pleasantries while Biden is clearly moving on to the next of probably dozens on the list. So what’s the problem?

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When was his last press conference?

He is refusing to answer even a few questions after making prepared remarks:

I love articles that have this line:

“He’s feeble and scared. The 77-year-old creep unveiled his bold new plan to ‘build an economy of the future’”

From the article. And yes, I am attacking the source. And Biden can choose to answer questions whenever he wants. But does not doing press conferences mean he’s unfit? Do you want the lengths of time Trump has gone without doing press conferences? Because there have been some lengthy ones. Personally I think Biden is letting Trump mess things up which is smart. But temporary. There will be debates, there will be way more public appearances and interviews. But right now, letting Trump just humiliate himself is working.


With digital technology Democrats could bring back their dream presidents from the past.

Anyone for President Fidel?

:rofl: :rofl:

I enjoy having and keeping and using my firearms too much for “buyback or pay through the nose” Joe.

So do I.

I hope he has a long and happy life hanging out in his basement.

Biden 2020



Would like some competence in the White House.

Trump supporters are desperate for someone, anyone to take the spotlight off of our favorite president, “I saw an elephant, I’m a super cognitive genius everyone says so” Him.

I would vote for aardvark before voting for Biden.

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I am really amazed how you guys have gone all in on Biden’s mind being gone.
From what I have seen from his interviews he is pretty sharp.
And if I am proven wrong in the next 100 days, I shall stand up and say so.
But I think you guys are going to be surprised.

Why not the ham sandwich?

Nobody can vote for Biden because he doesn’t mentally exist. Libs have no idea who will be running the show when they vote for Biden? It’s crazy but…those same mindsets approve of riots too and then attempt to paint them as mostly peaceful protestors. This is what the sheople troughs are feeding on every source posing as “news”. I have never seen such insanity be regurgibleeted as sanity by the sheople who then expose themselves by bleeting…orange man baaa, baaa, baaad. This very thread I submit as evidence.

Would that be very, very similar to a TV host telling a guest that they will have to finish their interview because they are out of time?