Would a ban on all public religious representations and displays ease religious hatreds and violence?

Would a ban on all public religious representations and displays ease religious hatreds and violence?

We have to end inquisitions and jihads of all kinds, including the less lethal ones like homophobia and misogyny.

Some secular governments, led by the French of France and Quebec, are implementing bans on all religious iconography prayers and emblems and religious displays so as to ease religious tensions and violence. They call it laïcité, which translates to secularism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laïcité

The general secular population seems to dislike the one-upmanship that the religious practice on other religions, as well as those who do not follow a religion; even though statistics show that the less religion in a nation, the more peaceful and law abiding it is. Conversely, if we look at the Christian nation of the U.S., as an example; we see perhaps the least peaceful and law abiding nation on earth. This last aside, an example of this one-upmanship, would be Christian signage that tells us to turn to Jesus or be condemned and Muslim head gear and face covering that say that the wearer is more chastely than those who do not cover their heads and bodies.

Jesus said that we should pray in private so as not to be seen as trying to outdo each other in chastity, righteousness and other one-upmanship adjectives that you might think of. Yet most who say they respect Jesus do not follow his teachings of remaining private and insist on public displays of their perceived insult to others not of their brand.

I see the secular world as following Jesus’ advice on this while the so called religious ignore Jesus.



Why do we, as tax-payers, have to pay for religious displays in public places? Give a good reason…convince me.

You mean non religious countries are better at upholding ideas like: Thou shall not kill, steal, lie cheat, commit adultery or covet? Not to mention honoring your mother and father…

Did you vote for our current president?

We just elected Donald ■■■■■■■ Trump, you think an object in some park is more important in the context of representing values?

No. The hatred won’t stop until people stop believing mythical beings are telling them something.

Some valid points which ought to tell you something about yourselves, but probably won’t.

One of the things I value about my “religion”, besides not having to rot in hell for all eternity, is a good understanding of human nature. To be blunt, you libs just don’t get human beings at all. We are selfish. All the things I listed are all the things we violate DAILY, yet you single out Trump , (which is odd because he isn’t what this thread is supposed to be about) as the epitome of bad behavior? Do any of you have the integrity or capability of recognizing that Trump is no more amoral than any of his predecessors? Lying, cheating, stealing, adultery and coveting?? Seriously, Trump the president invented these things? Obama, Clinton, Bush, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy etc. all the way back to Washington did none of these things? For that matter, name a national politician that doesn’t or hasn’t. How about look in a mirror honestly sometime and consider your own contributions to the moral decline of the world :thinking:

You know who did not do a single one of these things EVER? You know the only one who perfectly practiced what he preached? JESUS CHRIST! He was hated in his life 2000 years ago and he’s still hated today.

The world’s problems are caused precisely because we can’t and don’t uphold the few simple things he taught: Don’t kill, cheat, lie, steal or covet. It’s not Jesus’ fault we do these things and bring misery into the world. How would removing these things from “public” make the world better?
Do you actually blame Jodie Foster for what John Hinckley did in her name? Why then do you blame Christ for the evil done in his?


Wow!!! This is really a great post!

You don’t believe in degrees of bad behavior?

What do you mean by public displays? Displays on public land? Or just any display in general that can be seen?

Give me an example of this. I agree with you, we shouldn’t. I just don’t ever see religious displays on public property. But maybe I’m not looking for them either.

Certainly on Earth we make distinctions in behavior. Some bad behaviors can get you thrown in prison or even put to death. From a biblical perspective, either a person has asked for forgiveness or they haven’t. Those who are forgiven will go to heaven and those who did not ask will go to hell. People who go to heaven will receive or lose rewards based on their life, though scripture really doesn’t say what those rewards consist of. There is also some evidence to point to degrees of punishment in hell, but again, no indication of the differences in punishment.

Strictly for salvation purposes though, no, scripture is clear, we all are sinners and worthy of hell.

That’s true enough. It’s God’s.

What does God force you to do?