Worse than you thought: inside the secret Fitzgerald probe the Navy doesn’t want

Turns out, the United States Navy was conducting a giant cover up of just how big of a cluster ***** the whole USS Fitzgerald mess really was.

This report was completed 41 days after the completion, but only recently leaked to the Navy Times which has released it publicly.

I don’t even know where to begin or how to begin.


Just a few low lights from the report:

A junior officer on the bridge refused to communicate with the Combat Information Center due to her own personal distrust and hostility to personnel there, a direct contributing factor.

The bridge frequently lacked proper watch standers.

The ship lacked a proper quartermaster chief petty officer for years.

Standing orders were frequently violated or ignored.

Kettlebells on the floor and bottles filled with urine. ON THE ******* BRIDGE!

Radar controls that didn’t work and crew members who couldn’t use them anyway.

The Voyage Management System cannibalized in the skipper’s quarters to keep the rest of the system barely operational.

Sleep deprivation and crew members with no time to complete critical certifications.

It goes on and on.

No ******* wonder the Navy tried to cover it up.



Holy ■■■■■ I really hope this was just lack of leadership from the Fitzgeralds commanding officers, and not a systemic problem with the Navy as a whole.

Where is the oversight? This has to go higher than the officers on one ship.

I would note that officers higher up the chain of command have been relieved over this, so the problem clearly goes well up the ladder.

I guess I missed that, or rather I was too blown away by the rest of the crapola. Scary stuff man.

It’s the surface navy what do you expect

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We have a commercial manager in my old district who served on a Los Angeles class. He had the same impression of the whole incident when it first happened.

You were on an Ohio class ballistic missile sub right?

I expect every single branch of the US Military to be the top, the elite. We’re Americans, for God’s sake. Supposed to be the best in the world.

The fact that, according to this article, the Navy made the report just so they could prepare for lawsuits, rather than to fix what are apparently endemic problems on our ships, is appalling.

It’s misplaced priorities and poor allocation of resources.

The navy can afford to build a 9 billion Ford class aircraft carrier, who’s future utility is in doubt, but can’t allocate resources to improve ship board training or even properly maintain the naval air wings, who’s F-18s are literally falling apart.

I was on 1 637 class 2 688 class and one trident class … All the crappy sailors join the surface navy lol

Oh im sorry you didn’t under stand my navy humor… Must not be a sailor