WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT: Over 70 PEOPLE Shot in Chicago Last Weekend | Sean Hannity

The gun violence that rocked the Windy City over the weekend is worse than previously reported, with the death toll rising to at least twelve people and over 70 individuals being taken to the hospital with multiple injuries.

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What’s your fixation/obsession with Chicago?

Obama’s home town…Pretty much the only reason. Highly unlikely that he really cares about the violence.

Except it isn’t his home town…can’t trumpanzees even get THAT right? :lol:

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Not a Trumpanzee…I’m about as liberal as it gets…lol. Perhaps I didn’t word it right. I was speaking about the author of the article doesn’t care…( That’s why I don’t post much, I “like” posts much more often than posting myself) Others are much better at putting my ideas into words…lol.

More information needs to be provided than the snippet gives. At least more out of what’s provided. From the article…


The staggering numbers attracted national media attention and resulted in a news conference Sunday morning during which Chicago police Chief of Patrol Fred Waller blamed the violence on gang members who shoot into summer crowds at night.

“They take advantage of that opportunity and they shoot into a crowd, no matter who they hit,” Waller said.

Over the weekend, shooters targeted large groups at a block party, a funeral and other outdoor gatherings.

The largest attack wounded eight people in the South Side’s Gresham neighborhood around 12:40 a.m. Monday, including a 14-year-old girl and two 17-year-old girls.


That the gang’s were behind it should surprise no one. It wasn’t that long ago that one cop, in Detroit IIRC, went on record as saying most of the violence was at the hands of a known few thousand people out of the whole city. Guess who he meant?

These people overwhelmingly prey upon others of their own race, which is actually normal with violent crime no matter what the race in question is. They are the anchors dragging down all their innocent neighbors and the more out of control they are the greater the harm to their neighbors they cause. And not just their neighbors, their own families.

That’s why I wish the stats link at the bottom of the page provided information on self defense along with all the shooting stats. Because when people defend themselves successfully from the habitual criminals in their midst that’s not a bad thing, even if the criminal dies. If the gangs ever found more reasons to be afraid of their ordinary neighbors rather than their ordinary neighbors living in fear of them things would have already gone a long way to turning around.

I hope against hope someday to read a story out of one of these towns where it’s the criminals who live in fear, and don’t show their colors or make with the hand signs etc. That would be a great thing.

Latest total was 72 shot and 13 dead.

This is clearly fake news since they have strict anti-gun laws there.