Worry for Poor Ukraine

We (The USA) should not forsake this country. I feel sorry for these people. They’re trying to drain their swamp by electing Zelensky, a non-politician, as president. Sure, he’s a newbie and getting played by the old guard.

They have Putin attacking them on one side…and their best friend these days is Trump (US). YIKES! If things take a turn for Trump, he’ll throw Zelensky under the bus in a minute.

And then Vlad could have all of Ukraine, not just Crimea. We (USA) should refill the position of the envoy for Ukraine with a strong individual who operates in the sunlight as much as possible. And maybe this person could rally some international support.

Allies are a still a good thing to have. :us::elephant:

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how or why would trump throw Z under the bus?

Luckily, Ukraine’s military isn’t what it was in 2014.

IDK…but I watched his (Zelensky’s) body language on the news and this guy looks scared ****less.
Trump could declare “Zelensky covering for Hunter” if no Biden dirt surfaces.
Trump could cancel their military support. They don’t want to be in any part of our 2020 political campaign.

I’m not sure, maybe because his entire life has been one example after another of him disposing of people the very moment he thinks it might be even tangentially beneficial to him?

It’s already sort of clear he was considering cutting off aid to Ukraine unless they aided him in manufacturing a “scandal”. His team already helped to weaken language condemning the invasion of Crimea in the 2016 Republican Party platform. He has consistently praised Putin throughout his time in politics. Why does the idea of him abandoning Ukraine shock you?

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< leans back with ciggy >

please, tell me who threatened to cut off aid to ukraine again

The Western allies threatened to cut off some funding unless Ukraine fired a prosecutor that was universally seen as corrupt.

Trump cancelled aid for a time as he tried to convince Ukraine to reopen an already completed investigation into something related to the family of his political rival.


And their poor people make less than $300 Dollars a month on average, but they’re paying unqualified American $50,000 a month because their daddy was VP.

Those poor people.

i dont think theres a legit reason for Trump to turn on Ukraine.

at least not like slimeball Biden did

Why have he and his people done so multiple times then?

ah - correction

Biden politically extorted them by threatening to withhold 1 billion in badly needed aid

lol. “allies” cute

Is it your contention that Biden was the only person who cared about this prosecutor being fired and personally ordered it with no other input?

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Trump asked him to look into something that appears scandalous which really is his job. and not under any threat.

funny the pres of Ukraine didnt seem to think there was any pressure

please get your hands on some real news

hes the one who bragged about doing it. all by himself

Congress approves funding for Ukraine.

Trump blocks funding to Ukraine.

Trump agrees to call with President of Ukraine only if they agree to discuss this nonsensical right wing fever dream of a “scandal”.

During the call, after the President of Ukraine brings up the funding, Trump states “I need you to do us a favor though”.

But yeah, absolutely no sign of a threat there, right?

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burisma was funneling millions to bidens son and associates while he was on their board. as soon as their prosecutor general was about to question Biden’s coke head son, pappy demanded he be fired within hours or bye bye billion. gee, no congress part of that exchange

psst… that’s a scandal. asking a president to look into is not

you can quit vomiting out the stupid democrat narrative. people on this board aren’t as stupid as CNN thinks their viewers are

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"Steven Pifer is a career foreign service officer who was ambassador to Ukraine under President Bill Clinton and deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs under President George W. Bush. Pifer told PolitiFact that “virtually everyone” he knew in the U.S. government and virtually all non-governmental experts on Ukraine “felt that Shokin was not doing his job and should be fired. As far as I can recall, they all concurred with the vice president telling Poroshenko that the U.S. government would not extend the $1 billion loan guarantee to Ukraine until Shokin was removed from office.”

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I do feel bad for Ukraine. Especially what’s going to come out, the usual Great Powers chopping up smaller ones stuff but with a shockingly stupid Trump twist.

But none of that is real. Funneling millions. It’s quite amazing.

He didn’t need to ask the President to look into it. The United States investigates Americans involvement in foreign companies all the time.

You have to wonder how many hundreds, or thousands of American crackheads were getting paid $50,000 per month while Ukrainians suffered.