World peace may be on the brink, but Trump is very interested in freeing A$AP Rocky

but you know, that omar may just be one of the first articulate, clean bright storybook somalis.

Central Park 5 was never about race…

that one’s my favorite.


Up is triangle


Holy ■■■■■ Welcome back!

Good to be back.

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Trump does entertainment first then the WH.
The Obama’s did the WH now entertainment.
That’s our world.

Stefan Löfven (very talented guy, by the way) politely told Donald he could not interfere with the Swedish judicial system.

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So what? Free A$AP.

I believe President Donald Trump more than I believe the Lying Prime Minister of Sweden.


Sorry I struggle to get past “offered to personally vouch for his bail”.


So when should Trump take note of what the “left” call for and when shouldn’t he?

Let me state the obvious: Trump is mentioned in the title of this thread.

If Trump says he’ll put up bail don’t do one damn thing until you have the cash in hand.

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Does this mean you won’t be moving to Sweden?

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C’mon, you know that it only takes one black person to represent all black people on an issue.

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Inhumane conditions? Have these people never seen the inside of a Swedish jail?!


Interesting how one American in a bar fight gets the full force of the law in Sweden, while violent offenders from other demographics are treated with kid-gloves and allowed to prevent Swedish law officers from even entering some areas of the same country.;_ylu=X3oDMTBycWJpM21vBGNvbG8Dc2czBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--/RV=2/RE=1563752004/RO=10/

I’m too young and cool to watch cable news.

Bill Mehlenberg? That’s a rational source you are using