Word play and lies by the media

So often I hear the media and others trying to control speech as well as the narrative. I am not speaking of the first amendment but the outright lying of news article, misusing or in some cases changing the meanings of words.

Here is a good one, so everyone remembers the couple who came out with the guns when the BLM group broke into the private area?

Well they came back today 500 strong. Now everyone knows why they are there, they are there to make a scene and try and to provoke a conflict with them. What the hell could they be protesting, they are allowed to live in a gated community and protect themselves, but look how the media portrays it which is why I am going to start using the moniker that I have resisted since first hearing it now for the first time “Fake News” they are just lying at this point creating their own narrative.

By the Associated Press
“Protestors return to St. Louis area where couple drew guns”

No they didn’t go to the area where the house just happened to be they went straight to the peoples house being the target.

And then the â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  goes on

“Several hundred protesters made a peaceful return trip Friday to the St. Louis mansion owned by a white couple whose armed defense of their home during an earlier demonstration earned them both scorn and support.”

I highlighted some lies will start with the word protesting, what are they protesting at these people’s house? This isn’t allowed by law these are what used to be called up until last week trespassers and they are harassing a couple on private property in a gated community at a number of 500 people if this happen to one of us it would scare the hell out of us. Protesting straight out fake right there in the first three words. I am sure that most people are nice in the group but don’t think they aren’t some violent people among them all it would take is one person to fire off a round.

Peaceful return? NO sorry it’s called trespassing at 500 people people there is nothing peaceful about it. I am going to peacefully break into a private neighborhood :thinking:

Owned by a white couple must keep the seeds of division sown, why does it matter what race they are they are not the problem they are the ones being harassed they could be green it would not matter in this circumstance.

armed defense of their home Yes this is not controversial we even have an amendment on this one that happens to be no 2 you are allowed to defend your home.

I have gotten to know know quiet a few people on this board, and most are kind and educated. I have had dialogue with many on here and we might disagree on some politics but this ■■■■ here needs to stop and I don’t care what political side it comes from whether its MSNBC or Fox this fake wordplay and outright lies needs to be called out, I feel like I am living in the Matrix at this point and can’t get out.

If we can’t trust the Associated Press for news who can we trust and we really need a solid news agency that just reports the news truthfully using the kings english.


The 500 who returned should be rounded up and arrested, if nothing else for trespassing. They are just looking for trouble.

As for the media we do indeed need something. I wouldn’t trust AP any further than the rest of them though.

That’s what it’s called trespassing and harassment at this point some lawyers on the forums can chime in it could be “terroristic threatening”.

Probably all of the above.

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Yep. I agree. The lying press needs to be called out by those who are their listeners and demand honesty. All of us should be united in demanding honesty from the press.

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Those gates make a nice choke point. The “protestors” shouldn’t have made it 2 steps past them.

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The story you linked to says differently

They didn’t. There was no tresspassing

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It’s not a gated community? What are they protesting at their house?

Yes it is gated. They never crossed the closed gate

From the story

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They straddled their fence what do they possibly need to talk to them about they are harassing them. I don’t want to see someone get shot, this has the potential to keep escalating I would be willing to bet they will be back. The message is clear to the mob, you can destroy, loot, pillage, burn down cities, and harass people anyone who don’t think that emboldens them should read up on mob mentality things go bad very fast.

You need to re-read the article you referenced. They never made it past the gate much less go straight to their house

No they didn’t, one person did for a moment. And they left after 15 mins without incident

Y’all shook.

Tony Montana and his wife are fine.


A group of people peacefully protested for 15 mins on public property. The horror!!!


It’s very hard being uncomfortable for a few moments it seems.

This is the clown with the AR15 and his wife who is determined to break her wrist when she fires a gun, right?

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