Wonder Woman 1984

I saw Wonder Woman 1984 in theatres yesterday, and I enjoyed it.

I liked the performances in the film as well as the 80s nostalgic look.

It was a tad bit too long and not as great as Wonder Woman, but I don’t get all the hate.

It’s an entertaining film to see and recommend everyone to see it.

I give it a grade of an B+.


I saw it on HBO max. I didn’t like it much. Too little action. Also there were many boring and uninteresting parts that dragged on too long. Very cheesy and ending was anti climactic. I will give it 2 out of 5.

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DC is way too damaged at this point. 1984 was an attempt to capitalize on a very marginal success.

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What they need is another iconic Superman and a largely ineffective Aquaman that the rest of the superheroes can laugh at.


They need Matt Damon as Robin.


It was… kind of boring.

I get what they were going for but I couldn’t stop checking my phone. I was bored 20 minutes into it.

One reason I was considering taking the plunge with HBO Max.

You’re talking me out of it.

DC just can’t seem to make a good superhero movie.

Agreed. DC should just bow out for 5 or 10 years and attempt to reboot the whole thing, or not. I think we are entering a post-superhero period in movies. They had a good 20-year run, same as most other genres.

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Steve Buscemi could play the Riddler. Would that make it good?

Couldn’t make it worse anyway. lol

I saw it and it requires a higher suspension of disbelief than most superhero movies, which is saying a lot. The story is ridiculous, the villain is kind of dumb, and his motivation/end game is nonexistent. But I could watch Gal Gadot literally all day. Two thumbs up.

Horrible movie.

Slightly better than the last one.

The DC Movies just are not good. The Marvel movies at least could build “movie moments” from time to time.

This is just cookie cutter paint by numbers bleh.

I’m somehow getting it free through my cable provider login even though I don’t have a TV package.

So I recommend everyone try to log in first using your internet and/or phone or accounts since they’ve clearly lost control over who is supposed to get promotional access. We’ve seen this “fluke” happen before with new services that would rather have inflated user numbers than actual income just yet.

That said, I’ve used it for next to nothing. I was already caught up on anything HBO that interests me.

Tried that…didn’t work.

bah, then you’re not missing much yet. The ww movie is their only programming in 4k at this point even.

Same here, 2 out of 5. They should have spent more time developing the Cheetah character. The whole wish thing was too cheesy. The first film was really good and I felt this really fell flat.

It’s the lack of consistency.

The marvel films were planned out years in advance, with a fairly consistent tones. Some lean a little more comedic, like GOTG and Ant-Man, compared to the more drama centric nature of the Captain America and Avengers films.

But there is a consistent tone between the films. Not too dramatic, not too comedic. The story is consistent and isn’t filled with plot wholes. They built their characters over time.

DC was correct in going for a darker tone to help differentiate their films from Marvel’s. But the consistency wasn’t there. Every film has felt like it was in its own pocket universe. There was no build up for the characters. They literally threw The Flash and Cyborg into the Justice League with no character origin story or development.

When the darker stories didn’t meet expectations, they pivoted hard to the comedic. And that doesn’t work. You can’t build a universe built on the gritty nature of the Nolan Batman films and then suddenly pull a 180.

They need to scrap the whole project and reboot. After about five years of waiting.

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I want a Batman movie where Matt Damon plays every character like Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers do.

It’s being eviscerated on Twitter:

I thought it was ok. I thought Kristen Wiig did a decent job as a supervillain.