Women Who Love Trump

A poll of Republican women shows a 93% approval rating for Trump.
Republican men report an 85% approval rating.

Hillary has told us that women think the way their husbands tell them to think. This is one of her top 10 excuses for losing.
I’ve seen several of her leftist fellow travelers on this board say the same thing.

If that is the case the women’s approval ratings should be equal to the men’s rather than exceed them by 8%.
What gives?

Donald Trump is hot(?)

Republican women? That subset must be getting awfully small now.

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The number is higher because more Republican men have abandoned Trump but are too insecure to tell their wives. They’re compensating for other shortcomings and inadequacies. So they told their wives what to do and how to think. And the women obey out of fear of the men.

It’s a do as I say, not as I do scenario.

Glad to help. Lol


That poll shows that 93% of women trump supporters and 85% of male trump supporters are too stubborn to admit they have been swindled.

Thanks for sharing!

My grandmother has consistently voted Republican since probably Nixon. She hates Trump and voted Democratic. Would she still be considered a Republican woman?

I voted for Trump because of how large his hands are.

They haven’t gotten any smaller.

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He’s hotter than the Republican man they’re married to?

dirt bag porn stars love trump

he cheats on his multiple wives and trains his children to be crooks.

man, what kind of women like that?

Republican Women.