Women Often Can’t Afford Tampons, Pads In Federal Prisons. That’s About To

I thought this was amusing. Serious, yet amusing.

I agree that this needed to happen.

And I am glad to say that even though he will never get his wall, Trump got tampons and pads for federal female inmates.


I found it sad that a law was required.

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Out of curiosity, do prisoners have to pay for toilet paper as well?

I do believe they get a basic issue of certain necessary supplies, with the rest having to be purchased from the commissary out of their prison account.

I believe they are issued toilet paper.

And I would certainly consider tampons and pads to be necessary supplies.

Yeah, prisoners did some bad things but they still deserved to be treated like humans.

Maybe that’s something we can all agree on.

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An 8th Amendment argument really could be argued here in my opinion.

It’s a national embarrassment the stuff that goes on in some our prisons. Not much better than Mexico.


I’m sure too many inmates made their own solutions and I’m sure many more ran afowl of uniform regulations due to lack of access to sanitary products.

Probably going to save ourselves millions in health costs just by being less awful to prisoners.

When you consider the scale of our problem, are we better at all?

A little bit.

I don’t think there are many, if any, that would be against this change.

This should have been changed long ago. I just assume most folks didn’t even know it was a thing.

One factor is that only 7% of federal prisoners are female and the public rarely hears about them unless they are high profile such as Martha Stewart or Corrine Brown. The issue was thus relatively obscure until very recently.