Women Are Dying per Keith Ellison


Hyperbole much?

Even a more liberal source, time.com/4508369/why-u-w-women-still-die-during-childbirth/ ties more maternal deaths to problems the women probably walked into the pregnancy with, like obesity and diabetes.

How does which side is in office influence habits that are conducive to these disorders? Or the choice to become pregnant, sometimes made by women well over 300 lbs?

Could maternal deaths in countries like Turkey be related to less obesity? Women in developing world countries don’t simply stop having babies because they are above a certain age.

Sounds like the typical scaremongering both parties love to indulge in. The time article notes that while lacking access to reproductive services may be exacerbating the issue, a more likely cause is women having children at a later age and therefore dealing with chronic conditions like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease complicating their pregnancies.

My reading of Ellison’s rant is that Republicans are underfunding health care. Therefore, they are “killing women.”

Hyperbolic, yes.