Woman who attacket MAGA hat wearer in ICE custody

Sometimes you just can’t believe peopel are really this stupid. But they are. If you are going to assult someone for wearing a hat – might want to make sure you are in the country LEGALLY!

A woman who was arrested last week for allegedly attacking a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat at a Massachusetts restaurant is an illegal immigrant from Brazil, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said.

ICE officers detained Rosiane Santos, 41, on Tuesday after they discovered she was in the U.S. illegally, Boston 25 News reported.

This ~should~ be a slam dunk case for the immigration court. here illegally. YUP. Assult and battery on a US Citizen YUP. Any remorse?

She later said she regretted the incident but claimed she was provoked, Boston 25reported.

“I had a little bit to drink maybe that’s the reason that I couldn’t walk away but being discriminated for so many times in my life, I just had to stand up for myself,” she said. “He’s not a victim. I am the victim. I have been bullied, OK?”

That doesn’t sound like any regret of the incident to me. Unless she is saying that a person just wearing a hat, and innocently ordering food was how she was provoked. And I’m sure now that she is in ICE custody she will be pulling out a much bigger victim card.

Make America Full Of Illegals!!! Make America Full Of Illegal Immigrants!!!
I wonder if this is what some Democrats chant sometimes?

Quick! Where’s a Democratic Politician when Rosiane needs one, to take her
to a Safe Sanctuary City from the bad ICE men!?

Her brazeness attests to the confidence they have that they will NOT be removed…period.

Why? They have sanctuary cities. They are emboldened.

Not at all. People will march on her behalf. The leftists will love it.

She already pulled the “victim” card.

The “victim card” is as old and tired out pleading insanity as as defense.

She needs to be deported. Don’t you agree, Snow?

I hope she enjoys the convictions and the ride home.

Next trip back it’ll be a felony.

Yes, she’s claiming apparently that she’s the victim of bullying and that he’s not a victim… .


I agree 1000%. This should be a slam dunk deportation now.

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Deport her sorry ass yesterday.

Assault and battery is unacceptable between citizens, much less between an illegal and a citizen.

Not only should she be deported, but first she should be put in jail!

and why do they come here , If America is full of racists? Go fix your own country.

Next she won’t show up for court. You try that… See if you get to drive home at your next traffic stop with a warrant. Do you even get a warrant for arrest, if you are illegal and don’t show for court? Somehow, I think not…

Because it isn’t full of racists and they need a job or free stuff if that works out better.

Eh? That makes no sense. :wink: Loyalty-smloyalty…Why would anyone want to fight for their country and a better way of life for their countrymen when there is “amnesty for ME” just across the border?

She is now on the radar. She won’t be forgotten.

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I agree as well. No blurring of the lines. No, “oh gosh! she has three children here” and break out the violin.

Cut and dry.

End of her story in the United States. Chapter closed.

It appears that somebody wearing a MAGA hat is much more likely to be attacked than somebody is to be attacked by someone wearing a MAGA hat.

Time for libs to stop complaining about hate and to stop hating themselves.

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Not Wrong. But I understand why you are so uniformed. Liberal media doesn’t cover this much. MAGA people are never going to get a sympathetic Robin Roberts interview. Every day there is another example of a triggered liberal losing his mind. Us MAGA people are peaceful. What did you think about that violent, liberal freak in Berkeley?

There are multiple links to people be berated, hit, and other such things for simply wearing a red had with MAGA on it, and as in the case of the article in the OP, actually found and CHARGED or fired from their jobs because it was caught on tape.

I’m guess that you can provide 3 or 4 video’s of this type of random behavior of people wearing MAGA hats of berating people in resturants, stores, or even just on the street?

Good. What was she doing here from Brazil anyway? They have no political or economic situation to escape from.

Sentenced, yes. Jailed no. It costs money to keep someone in jail.

The Internet is full of videos showing people in MAGA hats being assaulted by liberals. The other way around, not so much.

True. But liberals would have no way of knowing this. Their news sources refuse to cover it.