Woman sexual assault, and left for dead. Predator will serve zero jail time

and this is why woman don’t come forward with sexual assault, this sick person left a woman for dead on the street and walk away without spending a single second be hide bars.

Even though Jacob Walter Anderson was indicted on four counts of sexual assault, the ex-fraternity president won’t spend a single day in prison.

Instead, a plea agreement allowed the former Baylor University student to plead no contest to a lesser charge of unlawful restraint.
That means if the 24-year-old successfully completes three years of deferred probation and pays a $400 fine, his criminal record will be wiped clean of the charge, CNN affiliate KWKT said.
Anderson will have to complete alcohol, drug and psychological treatment plans. But he won’t have to register as a sex offender in Texas.

Toxic masculinity in action.

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Please explain your logic. Why would this dissuade a victim from coming forward.

I had my SUV stolen on my honeymoon. All wedding gifts were stolen from it. Travelers checks were stolen. The thief was found. I paid my own travel expense to go to his trial. The black man received probation and mandatory drug rehab.

The article you posted is a lesson about crime and the justice system… not rape.

Edit… after seeing this post:

Should I say… “a little black privilege” too?


a little white privilege on top.

This woman did everything she was suppose to do, and the person who raped her has to pay a 400$ fine for violently assaulting her that is his punishment.

you don’t think woman are going to look at that as the system failing them?

How is her experience different than mine?

BTW…I edited my posts since you think white privilege is relevant. I thought the race was irrelevant when I first wrote the post. I forgot… to liberals a man is only his color. So I added the perp’s race since you seemed to think it was important.

did you read what the DA said?

In that case, LaBorde wrote, she thought the jury “was looking for any excuse not to find an innocent looking young defendant guilty. They engaged in a lot of victim blaming – and the behavior of that victim and [this victim’s] is very similar. It’s my opinion that our jurors aren’t ready to blame rapists and not victims when there isn’t concrete proof of more than one victim.”

I dont really care who said what. I care only about who did what.

Just so I can answer your question accurately. You want to know the difference between her rape and your wedding gifts being stolen because you personally consider those to be the same thing?

The court did not think so. Were you at the frat party?

Court didn’t give their opinion the case was plea out because the DA didn’t think they could win the case because he was a “Innocent looking young man”

Not sure you have the ability to compare and contrast what we experienced. You seem like you are ready to contrast. But the comparison seems to elude you.

Try this.

  • Perp commits crimes against victim.
  • Perp is arrested.
  • Victim does everything to ensure perp is punished.
  • Court lets perp go with slap on the wrist.

And maybe since Canadian thinks race is important, you can figure out where that fits in.

BTW… here are some exercises that you can do at home to help you develop your skills in compare and contrast.

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I’m sure the perp in my case had a plea deal too.

I got my answer.

This article explains a bit more. The man’s attorneys said the victim had multiple conflicting stories and that was one of the reasons for not pursuing a jury trial.

Honest question for you, Canada… why did you leave out that little detail? Also… can you explain why there was “no genetic evidence”?


I’m not hearing the hashtag metoo crowd crowing about this incident.

Seems to me they’re more interested in smashing all copies of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, and pursuing men who may or may not have done anything 30 years ago.

And yes, I do think this incident—not considered important as it didn’t involve more than one victim—will discourage other rape victims from coming forward.

Ditto the previous case the same prosecutor lost, and on the results of which she based her decision to take the plea deal. (And which was apparently an even stronger case, no less.)

And countless other such cases.

And yet I don’t know the answer to it. It’s the way our legal system works. To convict someone requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt. We have allowed courtroom tactics to create what enough jurors consider reasonable doubt. Yet without that, we could also allow courtroom tactics to fabricate proof.

In some other thread we might discuss a case of a guy who took 20 years to exonerate himself from a railroaded rape conviction.

I don’t know the answer. Rape is a cultural cancer.

For that matter, teen and adult promiscuity is a cultural cancer too, but nobody wants to address that. Rape (and lesser aggressions) comes from it, among countless other problems. And how many parties like these sorts of frat parties result in consensual hooking up, at a minimum, and/or interactions that go further than one of the parties expected, and/or date-rape, and/or out-and-out rape?

To paraphrase you statement that I quoted above:

I wish this incident (and countless others like it) …will discourage people from participating in these types of parties.

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Look at this thread on a travesty of justice turn into a “Bash the #MeToo Movement” thread.

In all honesty I think it’s time to disolve Greek letter organizations.

Students are capable of forming or not forming social connections without exclusive societies, which seem to bring more trouble than good.

One Spring Break fiasco took place when members of a Michigan fraternity trashed a hotel where they stayed & refused to pay for the cleanup.

You said you went to a trial.