Woman Nearly loses her home over 6 cents in back taxes

A local fill-in radio host does these “news minute” spots on the two local stations, and mentioned a story that my radar missed. Apparently, an 89-year-old woman in Ocean Township, NJ was six cents in arrears on last year’s taxes, and the system automatically added interest to the shortfall to the point of $300, at which point the city foreclosed on the house and put it up for sale.
Fortunately, her daughter, who lived out of state, was able to intervene and resolve the issue. I’ve heard of being nickled and dimed, but never heard of being pennied.

They foreclosed over $300?

Something smells fishy.

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As I suspected, something missing from the article. What happens in reality is that the city has a “tax sale” on the home and anyone can purchase the tax debt at the sale and then owns a lien on the home. The owner does not lose the home, but cannot sell it or refinance or borrow against equity until the lien is paid.

Law could change after woman almost faced tax sale over six cents (app.com)

He said the way the state’s tax law is written, anything that is delinquent for the last year is subject to a tax sale. In a tax sale, a third party buys the old taxes and has the opportunity to pay any new taxes that are due, Gallagher said. The homeowner then has a lien on the home and must pay the third party the taxes owed plus additional interest.


Yeah…it makes perfect sense to spend thousands…to collect pennies…that government added hundreds to…in fines.


No, you collect the entire debt plus interest. We’ve filed a few construction liens, I’m somewhat familiar with the process.

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Anyhow, she was not in danger of losing her home, that was either pure ignorance or willful lying on the journalist.

Swooooooooooooooooooooooosh and obviously, revenues and expenses is not your strong suit.

becaus ethe ny post isnt exactly a reputable source i did a little digging.

the 6 cents was actually what a prior purchaser of a tax lien had shorted the township when paying.
its actually delinquinet by 6k as of september which is when teh story first came out.
its been delinquinet for most of teh past 5 years

the whole story

No my friend. All you posted was a lying mayor’s version of the event, who is in CYA mode because these actions were exposed on an international level and the exposure was embarrassing to him. Just pick the trough you want to eat and regurgibleet.

CORRECTION: This story was corrected to state that Mayor Christopher Siciliano’s intervention in the case only occurred after the impending tax sale had been halted by the payment of the delinquency, when the mayor called on a state lawmaker to introduce legislation addressing the situation. The mayor had not intervened to halt the sale. A statement by the property owner’s daughter, Lisa Suhay, regarding contact information for the property, as well as a response from the mayor, were added.

An 89 year old Alzheimer’s lady needs more help than a daughter in a different state can provide. I worry for her personal safety.

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Um…people buy them. Like my one time neighbor who snapped up the empty lot behind his house by watching the tax notices in the paper. I’m sure he’d be very interested to hear your lessons on expenses and revenue. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s real simple. If the bill is 6 cents, then that’s all you can collect. Now…send the person that owes you 6 cents a bill…and spend 53 cents for a stamp, a nickel for the envelope and several dollars to the individual sending it out. You come out much, much, much further ahead, writing it off. There’s your first lesson on expenses and revenue. :sunglasses:

The bill was three hundred dollars after the local govt. got done with it. Keep your lessons

They artificially did that and…are you listening…to add that to the bill…costs more than the $299.94 you’ve increased the bill by. Are you catching on to the lesson yet? :sunglasses:

Is it artificial when they send you a bill for $300? Nothing artificial about it. Exorbitant perhaps, but all too real as many have learned the hard way.

Wow, that is sad if true. I heard similar stories during the recession happening to home owners.

4,990% of 0.06 is 299.94



Late fees probably.

Gee, good thing she didn’t originally owe 100 bucks.


She has a history. She has owed much more.