Woke Lesbian Dating App Bans Lesbians

This is hilariously ironic, but it was always the inevitable consequence of psychotic trans activists. Dating app HER is now banning any lesbian that refuses to date biological men - Congrats, progressives! Long live the patriarchy!


Well…that is an interesting pickle.


I was bored so I looked into this. The claim that HER is banning users who don’t agree to date men is completely false.

This is all coming from a blog post by the HER ceo (linked below) that basically says transphobia isn’t allowed on the app. And that is somehow interpreted to mean lesbians who won’t date trans individuals are bigoted. And further, users are being banned from the app.

TLDR The title and linked article in the OP are a lie.


Well, that’s not entirely truthful either, since it sure looks like the CEO believes that homosexuality is a choice. This is woke ouroboros

Exton, who said the app has 20 million users globally, 12.5% of which identify as transgender or nonbinary, said she and her colleagues at HER are determined to push back against the narrative that lesbian identity is “owned by cis[gender] lesbians,” meaning lesbians who do not identify as transgender.

“We are cis women, and we just fundamentally do not agree with that,” she said.

Wait, are we doing the retard dance of, “If you won’t date a tranny, you’re a bigot!”

Or is this the retard dance of trannies being perpetually at war with lesbians because at least lesbians are actual women?

I can’t keep up with how retarded (and outright perverted… and violent…) libs are getting over this. :man_shrugging:


“Trans-exclusionary radical feminists”. Wow. There are as many people you are supposed to hate as there are genders.
Is there a woke world chart somewhere?


Hard to imagine just how much of a angry little loser one would have to be to sit around making up/slinging names like that.

What a pathetic little person. lol

The term TERF has actually been around a while. I first saw it some time before Rowling got into her spat with the TIRFs (is trans inclusive radical feminists a term yet?).

Prediction: sports regulations against real women athletes taking steroids will be moved to be nixed in the name of fair competition. This will result in renewed rounds of accusations of transphobia.

The revolution always eats her own children first. It’s a historical fact.


Of course they should ban bisexuals as well since the label imply that there are two sexes . . .

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The biggest losers of the trans movement are biological women, and it doesn’t matter what their sexual orientation is. High time for the “LGB” to separate from the “TQ+” activists, because this will only worsen.