Woke culture at Florida school gone amok

They edit the girls yearbook pictures deemed in appropriate. This is total nonsense. Censorship at its finest.


thats not “woke”

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Sounds more like Southern Baptist culture than Woke culture to me.

So is everything that bugs a Con these days is going to be “woke”?

How tedious.

I don’t think that’s woke; more like puritanism.

Actually the woke and the puritans do agree on a few issues, I don’t think this is one though.

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Yes it is…

Original Pictures were canceled because they showed skin.

Conservatives cancel culture strikes again


Agreed. These people need to get a life. She’s not naked or indecent. Mind your own damned business nit wits.

But, it ain’t wokism. Nobody in the woke crowd would approve of this.

Thats the young girls don’t have breasts culture.


I swear, the adult kindergartners in this forum placing this front and center are inadvertently displaying…

… “wokeness”. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Censorship like this should be condemned by all.

But it won’t be.


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No it’s a they have them but shouldn’t show them culture. High school girls have no business showing cleavage and school photographers have no business photographing it if they do. I know, I know, I am a prude because I don’t think children should be showing cleavage.

if the school hid any references to newton or geo washington for being too white or hung a extortionist terrorist org BLM flag to virtue signal their stupid asses off, that would be “woke”

but this is censoring pictures because of some arbitrary standard of what is too risque.

that’s pretty lame, but no where near as insane as “woke”

That’s standard equipment in my world but this story doesn’t make that radar.

It was a tasteful picture imho.

Don’t you want honest well photographed pictures tastefully done.

That’s what this picture was.

And yes you are a prude if you think this wasn’t in good taste.


Wasn’t it New Jersey that was editing students’ yearbook pictures because they had Trump shirts on?

I guess that censorship is ok… never heard an outcry over that from the left.

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Lol. That’s of course difference. Creating animosity among students.

Leave the politics at home for school photos.


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The teacher who censored the trump shirt got death threats and 325,000 bucks

Way to go, trump supporters.

Let’s kill people we don’t like.


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nice try

left conceived “woke” nonsense. can’t run from your mess or blame it on right

This is not Woke.

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