Witness prepared to reveal the murderers of Seth Rich


I can’t. I always divide by zero.


Some people just want to set the world on fire.


It hurts.


Off to the Obama FEMA…err…I mean the Trump FEMA Reeducation and or Death Camps?

Darla talked about those FEMA camps. She knew they would be utilized when America was turned communist.

We are closer to that last part now than ever before.

But she thought that dog eating Muslim Kenyan Usurper Obama would do that.


I built one of those once. My boss fired me. Said something about “You’ll never work in this town again”.

He was right.


If you are Donny Deplorable Dummies he’ll pardon ya’ll if’n you get caught and convicted.



And that’s his right as President. He’ll pardon anyone if he think’s it’ll gain him political advantage. Obama did it first, so it’ll be hypocritical if libs whine about it now.


Obama didn’t grant any pardons or clemencies almost until the beginning of his THIRD year in office.

Then he only granted 17 total combined, in that third year, where Trump has already done 8 in less than 2 years.

Just curious, do you think President Obama granted any pardons and or clemencies that gained him politically, the way Trump has?


You don’t think that by granting pardons/clemencies for drug users, he didn’t gain political advantage with certain demographics?

I’m not going say which demographics, because i don’t want to be labeled racist. But you know who I’m talking about.


Wow. Name one pardon.

If President Obama was granting pardons to (you know, those people) he was wasting his time. The pardon pardons likely did not make anyone pardoned eligible to vote, as that is a state by state decision, restoration of voting rights. Also he already had (you know, those people) in his pocket as far as a voting demographic.

If he wanted to pass out part drones and clemencies to garner new voter support he would have been doing it for white collar criminals who are mostly made up of (you know, those other prople).


Nobody ever claimed Obama was smart.

You know.

Gotta look out for your homies.


Thanks Donnie. Good book.


LOL, I bet you think the deep state is real too. Gullible much?


There’s some Deep State people on this very board. Take for example @NebraskaFootball