Witness prepared to reveal the murderers of Seth Rich


Really really strange that you buy into any conspiracy theory that comes your way. I have to say though, my day wasn’t going so well but you brightened it up considerably.


I’ve decided that you killed Seth Rich. That explains your delusional posts - you’re clearly trying to misdirect all the attention onto Hillary Clinton.

Why did you kill him?


Again… funny thing. I have not bought into anything. He could have been killed by accident or a drunk thug that had no orders. BUT…I think the possibility of the DNC connection needs to be taken seriously. And so, I’m not closing the door on those thoughts…In contrast you have definitely BOUGHT IN to the dogma that it was a simple robbery gone bad and you have resorted to ridiculing me to try to shut down any possibility that anyone would look in Clinton’s direction.

Ya know… that thing about “the lady doth protest too much” rings a bell.


You’re right. I am protesting too much. I confess - I’m the DNC operative that killed him.


Slap her ass in canklets then.


“Canklets”? Really?

That is terrible. Offensive. Sexist. Demeaning to women.

I can neither think of enough bad words to describe it nor can I stop laughing.


Getting close to Clintons pays well and quite often pays dearly. Whats up with the Paladinos?




Um, would you care to walk with me through your logic here?

Watergate wasn’t a conspiracy, because it really happened.

Therefore, what?

slams face on rock repeatedly, passes out, wakes up in pool of blood

Oh, I get it now.

Therefore, because Watergate really happened, then this conspiracy really happened, too.

We are mind twins now.



So, this hitman you dreamed up was also murdered.

Who murdered him? And would this new murderer then also be murdered? How deep does it go?!


Blahaha, that right there was funny!!! :+1:


Then the professionals would uncover it.

Not the rat ■■■■■■■.


Jack Ruby, duh!


Has anyone been perp walked by the police yet?

If not why not?


Hillary has already been sent to jail. Who else do you want?



And that cheesy little Chelsea Clinton.

Jail her before she thinks one day, “Hmm, I think I want to run for office.”


It’s coming. Just you wait. Trump is going send all of his potential political rivals to jail.


The new?
You’re on that Q-anon crazy train now too, eh? Sad.


Ooh, so we’re going Inception on this. So who killed the killer?


If Q-anon wasn’t real, libs like you wouldn’t be talking about him.

Can’t help yourself, can you?