Witness prepared to reveal the murderers of Seth Rich


According to the seth rich “theorists” today was either a ■■■■■■■■■, a false flag, or solved everything.


Am I supposed to know what you are talking about?


That’s what happened at your press conference for truth today.

Didn’t you watch? Haven’t you studied it like the Torah?

Don’t you think “Luke” is a hero? How about Burckman’s body guard?


I give up.


nooooooooooooo you’re so close to truth though. You can’t stop now.


Luke even got some pushback from Burkman’s own stepson and sometimes-bodyguard, David Harden, who sharply questioned Luke about his claims. Harden then delivered confusing remarks about his mother’s safety and living in Burkman’s basement before Burkman cut him off.

These guys seem fun.


Watergate was broken by a couple of reporters with the help of an FBI insider. The mainstream media treated it as a minor story for many months after the initial break-in.

No one was murdered as a result of the Watergate scandal, but this case has already had one murder and one attempted murder. If government agents were really involved in these attacks, it raises huge questions.


and If I had wheels I’d be a wagon.

Unrelated nutball shooting another nutball twice in the butt. Lover’s quarrel perhaps.


And today you had a lobbyist and his son-in-law / bodyguard, who lives in the lobbyist’s basement talk to “luke” on the phone who was going to crack this wide open but instead couldn’t remember if he heard if it was 2 or 3 perps. Oh, and he claims he has also talked to the House intelligence committee, who “helped him with computer stuff”

Now be a reasonable person and point out the problems you should be having with that press conference today.


You agree conspirac theorists exist here in the states, right?

How should we treat them? Should we take them seriously? Should we encourage them to get psychiatric care? Should we smile as we let them rant? Should we debate them vigorously? Or should we just laugh at them?

Tell me what you think should be done about conspiracy theorists?



Gateway Pundit updates their front page with a new story:

Drumroll please…




“Bat ■■■■ crazy” - gateway pundit.

LOL putzes. Will any of you learn? No. Cya next time.


Oh my ■■■■■■■ gawd. That is amazing! :joy: :joy: :joy:


Silly bastards were all in until it blew up in their faces.


They’re riding the fence. The headline says one thing, the article treats it like it’s serious.


Hoping against hope this amounts to more than just a giant bag of fart.


¯_(ツ)_/¯ Account doesn’t even conform with the known forensics. Didn’t even bother to look.Dude on the phone said he was shot in front, in the abdomen. He was shot twice in the back.


Gateway Pundit source?


The Rich family told the police not to investigate this?


Good. Cause I don’t remember. Could I get a synopsis ?