Witness prepared to reveal the murderers of Seth Rich


And now 8chan. :flushed:

When you’re even being ridiculed on 4chan, surely you begin to question the fabric of you’re reality? Right?

Maybe not. :man_facepalming:






Oh lawd, they eating themselves alive!


Hillary or someone else.


Tell me this is satire. Please?


lol read that thread.

Actually, wait I want everyone to read it so from where we left off:


@Piper thoughts on the press conference? Is da troof out there now?


Post holiday inn hootenanny, this post is my favorite


You were not in the thread to discuss the OP?


Probably because the police had an interview or two with them and discussed the case. Which is more than you know.


Name any other murder cases where the family said “please … dont investigate this”


Ya, I was, we talked and laughed and had a good time.

I’m saying that now, today, after that trainwreck of a press conference, your post is even more hilarious.


Round and round we go, when ish stops nobody knows.

No one wants whackadoo help. Nobody wants a guy who is having super secret agent “luke” call in on speaker phone to the holiday inn to help. That ain’t help.


Leading Seth Rich “theorist” - That was a ■■■■ show

Call me Ish- Why doesn’t anyone want the ■■■■ show to help?


You for sure are not trying to help. Obstruct is more like it.



how much truth and justice has resulted from this press conference?


So we are now back to making fun.


how much closer to the truth and justice for seth rich have we come as a result of this press conference?

how much did it help?


You’re right.

Here let me help like your hero Jack Burkman.

So tomorrow I’m holding a press conference at the Holiday Inn. The first thing I will do is ask for donations. Send me your money now. After that, I’ll have my step-son’s weird friend call in as a super secret agent using a radioshack modulator to reveal nothing. Then I’ll ask for more donations.

Look at me. I’m a hero now!