Witness prepared to reveal the murderers of Seth Rich


Do they have a lot of random killings in DC?


Ya, they dispute whackadoos from using their sons name for their 4chan whackadoodery.


I saw it. Damn, that deep state is too damn deep.


I read it. They want people to stop investigating.


Non conspiratards call it an unsolved homicide.



They want you to stop obstructing the actual investigation.

You know, the one with law enforcement, not your tin foil hatters.


Is this a serious question?


Do they read 4chan wackadoodery? I don’t. Why do they? What are they trying to hide?


Law enforcement has failed. Strange that the family would be content with that.


Don’t you know? The Rich family is trying to protect Hillary for some reason.


Or they are afraid of her.


Luckily we have you.


Wow, quite a list. He’s the only white dude on it in 2016 that I saw…


Yes, real life is often just like poorly written political thrillers.


Law enforcement has FAILED!

This is a job for neckbeards in their parents basements!


The dems would have put Mueller on the case…


Argle bargle Dems. Bargle Venezuela. Bargle bargle.


Here’s what we’ve got.


Yes, Venezuelan type leftism is infecting the dems… Bluedogs are gone.


So today’s news:

Known crazy person Jack Burckman promises to break case wide open.
Instead has a sparsely attended press conference in the banquet hall of the holiday inn where he puts an unknown person on speaker phone who says unverifiable things about unnamed people who in the end add nothing.

If Jack wasn’t previously known I’d be worried this was another Ali-G bit.