Witness prepared to reveal the murderers of Seth Rich


The most obvious question is who is Kevin Doherty, and why did he allegedly attack the private investigator into the Seth Rich case? If we get an answer to that question, then the rest of the story may make more sense.

Here is a link with some additional details beyond what appears in the OP:


Newsflash: A crazy guy hired a crazy guy who then did crazy things to the crazy guy.


Dots officially connected! It all makes sense now. Clearly it was the DEA, CIA, FBI, Rosenstein, Clinton, Wasserman-Schultz, the lizard people, and A.L.F.

Conspiracy confirmed! :rofl:


This is big news. The disgusting murder of Seth Rich has the finger prints of the political elite all over it. The question is who, and why?


It was yuuuuge news. Did you watch the live streaming? All of the answers were provided, you should check it out.



Such big news that crazyblog Gatewaypundit took it off their front page.


Reminding people… And they seem to resent it…


Such big news that even Chief whackadoo Jim Hoft of gateway pundit is retweeting videos calling it a “■■■■ show”


Doherty – who claims he worked as a special agent and criminal investigator in the intelligence community – was subsequently arrested by Arlington County police on charges of malicious wounding and use of a firearm in commission of a felony. The witness informed Burkman that Doherty was well acquainted with the two government employees that killed Rich, but he was unaware Doherty worked as Burkman’s lead investigator and tried to kill him earlier in the year.

Bingo. The deep state is really in deep if this is true.


I hear ya but you should click on that link I provided so you can find out who really killed Seth Rich, you will be blown away.


The deep state is real because a nutball hired a nutball who tried to kill him?

Never go outside Bill. You know too much, they’ll get ya.


Imagine the left, had this guy died while working for Trump’s campaign… Maddow might still have ratings…


From that link…

The project produced a report, disputed by both the police and the Rich family, which found that a hit man or serial killer was likely responsible for the Rich murder.

The Rich family? So if they know for certain who DIDNT kill Seth, they must know who did. How else does a family know so much about an early morning shot-in-the-back murder?


You’re on to something! Which project produced a report?


And Watergate was just a third-rate burglary. Nothing to see here, move along . . .


Ah, I see where you’re having trouble. You seemingly can’t tell the difference between a historical investigation that was broke through law enforcement and a bunch of lunatics writing fan fiction for 4 chan.


Of course. One conspiracy theory is true, therefore they must ALL be true!

That’s some quality logical thinking, right there. How do we know you’re not a lizard person?


Why don’t you start by seeing what the Rich family said about the report before jumping to conclusions.



It was in the link.