Witness prepared to reveal the murderers of Seth Rich


Lucian Wintrich is a tad busy right now.

Go to this link and see what he’s up to (clicker beware- standard warnings apply).


Oh good gravy man. Why JayJay…just…why man. :flushed:


There’s a reason I made it a link and did not just let it post as a picture.


Wise move my friend. That image will take many a beer to remove from the ol’ memory hole.


Must not make the comment I wanted to make…

Must not…





WOW! You are finally right about something on this board. Get the little boy his medal!

That being said, cats are still cool.


Come to think of it, you joined us right around the time the republicans were being rounded up into the caverns beneath the Bastrop walmart.

How long have you been working undercover for the deep state, setting up honeypots?


Have the guilty parties been perp walked by the D.C. police yet?

If not then why the hell not?


they said it in the presser… they’re gonna release the information over the next few months, man. that way it eludes the deep state or something venezuela.


They aren’t. You just made that up cause you’re weird like that.


Who’s that? Q-anon?




GP posters not very happy about this con. Lol!


I had no idea GP was inundated with these Q-anon nutjobs.



We know what you did two summers ago.


That’s why you fill your tactical pants with tactical wipes.


Ever notice how tech-illiterate most of the q-anon posters are? It’s because they’re old. Spend some time toying around in their subreddits and forums and you start to realize this is a baby-boomer thing. Same with gateway pundit’s audience.


So J, what did you think of today’s presser?

Also, Gateway Dimwit promised a follow up after the press conference. I wish they’re so-called reporters worked faster because there’s still no update.


Recall that one poster that directed 3 or 4 posts towards me because of my username, and wondering why I would name myself after a (fictional) notorious killer? Well, perhaps there’s a place where fiction and reality intersect…muahahahahahahahahhaaaa!