Witness prepared to reveal the murderers of Seth Rich


Is the candlelight March to the killing field still on for tonight?


So you have done nothing about it apart from using it to claim the left doesn’t care.

Forget Donald - you’re cool.


Nope, no update yet. Shocking, I know. :joy:


Deep State has muzzled Gateway. Never fear - as we speak Alex Jones is gathering MREs and Tactical Wipes and will be broadcasting from a bunker deep beneath a pizza parlour in an undisclosed location to provide up to the minute revelations so explosively shocking, groundbreakingly titanic, and cataclysmically apocalyptic that they make an O’Keefe expose look like celebrity puff pieces. The truth is out there!



While we are all waiting for the update from GP, you should enjoy this hard hitting journalistic masterpiece:


This Is Not America: Paul Manafort is Being Tortured in Solitary Confinement by Dirty Cop Mueller and His Corrupt Gang


Sorry. Cats are alien.
If they suddenly grew large in the middle of the night, they would pull you out of bed and play with you until they just decide to end all your wriggling and screaming.


And they were all named Keyser Soze.





Yeah. The freaking media, like wow man, they know all about it man, but no man, they won’t show it to the world man…




That was only to throw truth seekers off their scent. All the Bigly True Patriots know that the left doesn’t care about children starving in socialist countries, because Donald is MAGA and it makes them berserk.



That explains the posts I’ve been seeing on how Manafort is being wrongfully jailed


Because Seth Rich gave Wikileaks the DNC Emails. Which proves Russia didn’t hack the DNC. Plus the fact that the government is corrupt. Duh! That is why we are interested in (your words not mine) an evil liberal. But really, for the most of us, we want the truth no matter if it’s a liberal or conservative…


Tortured! He’s being tortured! Political prisoner. Do I have to spell it out for you?




Just so no one ■■■■■ in their tactical pants.


It Depends.


Wait, the story (from yesterday) is no longer on tGP’s opening page. Just cycle out, or intentional?




The Deep State Russian Hackers have hacked into TGP to remove the evidence that the DNC wasn’t hacked!


Just noticed this on TGP: We report the truth - And leave the Russia-Collusion fairy tale to the Conspiracy media