Witness prepared to reveal the murderers of Seth Rich


I could have saved you the trouble.

I posted yesterday that they all did it.

How come you guys never listen to me?



Of course…Soros!

Now TRULY everyone did it!


You watch too many network cop shows. The FBI and DC Metro have nothing to do with each other. They don’t even enforce the same laws dude.


hey- we got more out of this guy than Glenn Beck ever gave us…


You’re the Sally Struthers of Caracas. Unless, of course, your only concern for starving Venezuelan children is to provide you with a talking point? Nah, couldn’t be that.


Is it more moral to make a joke about it or craft a completely false talking point out of it?


Let’s pray for Nebraska!

I will pray that his confused soul finds truth and that he turns away from the lies and malice that guides those who he follows.


What i want to know is the conspiracy behind you having an ability to edit your posts…



People should be warned of the dangers of leftism… 100 million dead just last century. That’s not even counting the millions of slaves they had…


You never disappoint. Lol!



Let’s not try to pull a Nunes here


He was the one making the jokes while children starve. Basically saying ignore those poor children suffering. Reminds me of supporting abortion.


You don’t care about them starving either except it provides you with a convenient talking point.

I’m quite certain you don’t give them a second thought beyond the talking point.


Have you set up a GoFundMe account for tue children? Donated yourself? Volunteered? Or do you fancy yourself John the Baptist here - the lone voice of conservative justice crying out in the liberal wilderness?


If you are quick enough to respond to my posts, you may find that the one you think you responded to disappears and then shows up a few seconds later… occasionally after your response post.
I simply copy, paste, correct, repost, and delete the old one… occasionally varying the order of the last two steps. So… sometimes for a split second you might see two that are nearly identical.

“I adapt quickly” is the abbreviated answer.


I don’t like cats. I like dogs.


yes, they are starving in Venezuela… Poor children. The media won’t show it, so they are not seen.


I knew I couldn’t trust you. :slight_smile:


What are you doing about it?


Gateway Pundit promised an update after the press conference. Has that been posted yet?