Witness prepared to reveal the murderers of Seth Rich


MS13 is inolved now lol. How does that work? They working with Hillary and the DNC? Lol


quote from the witness:

“there was also (a rumor) that this was Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and democrats had him killed. All the people involved, the shooters, Rod of course, the people who plant surveillance, they’re all Republican. So, it wasn’t. (unintelligible) They’re all controlled.”


That is exactly what this clown stated. Lol!


no, actually he said it wasn’t MS-13.


Summary: some unknown clown on a conference call claiming 3 guys physically killed (one DEA, FBI, and some dude) Seth Rich but did not name names and also claimed that Rosenstein covered it up.


He said it wasn’t MS13, wasn’t Russians. Even said it wasn’t Hillary. He did say Rosenstein at least had knowledge and was protecting them.


You’re back!
How does it feel getting played?


So like we all said, nothing. Not one bit of credible information. A straight up ■■■■■■■■ conference. Pretty much what we all though.


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He says they are government officials. This might get Interesting. I’m guessing this won’t make on to mainstream media.


it’s still going on.


Wait. The FBI and DEA guys are not witnesses? They’re the actual killers?


Reminds me of the Russia probe…


Yep, and Rosenstein covered it all up. Lol!


In more gripping news, France and Belgium are scoreless 13 minutes in.


Ya know, for those of us at work, with DVR’s fired up, that comment could earn an ass kicking.


Well folks, this experience has been a blast. Hopefully we get to do it again. Thank you OP, you freaking rock! Lol!


Or Venezuela?


Where the left starves children and you make jokes about it…


Notice who supported this guys pod cast…lefty!


■■■■, sorry! Shutting up now.


Hahahaha… you are so right. I mean it would take someone with billions of dollars and a very large and powerful network that extends into the FBI to stop such an investigation. That cheap thug who killed him would not know anyone with those resources, would he.