Without western Europeans, would slavery still exist throughout the world?

A common misconception is that slavery is basically a racist European invention, but history shows the opposite.

The slavery existed in virtually every corner of the world before the coming of European explorers. The Aztecs had slaves before the coming of the Spanish, and slavery was common throughout North America long before Jamestown. Slavery was common throughout Africa, India, China, Polynesia, the Middle East, and most of Europe.

The European enlightenment in the 1700s started the modern campaign to end slavery. The US and the British Empire banned slave trade in the early 1800s. Slavery was banned most of the British Empire in 1833, and by that time slavery was banned in the northern half of the US.

By the end early twentieth century, modern western ideas of equality and justice combined with the spread of the industrial revolution had ended slavery throughout most of the world. The areas where slavery existed were those farthest from western influence. Slavery existed in the Ottoman Empire until it was replaced by modern Turkey after World War I. Ethiopia finally banned slavery in 1942. Saudi Arabia officially ended slavery in 1962, and Mauritania officially ended slavery in 2007.

Is there any reason to believe that slavery would have ended without the influence of western Europeans?

Was the abolition of slavery an example of Western cultural imperialism?

Which “leftists” have said this?

Who has denied slavery did not exist before the Transatlantic African slave trade?

In the history of humankind there has never been organized slavery on such a wide and industrial scale as what happened between the 16th and 19th centuries.

“industry” didn’t exist before those centuries by and large

slavery has been part of human history for thousands of years, across regions, nations, cultures and religions.

No one is denying that but the OPs opening comment is that “leftists” are precisely denying that. I am just asking for proof that many “leftists” are saying that or is it as I suspect just speculation on the part of the OP.

Slavery is one of the most evil and reprehensible aspects of humanity but no one can deny that the magnitude of the transatlantic slave trade was like nothing seen before and the United States in great part was built both physically and culturally on the back of that trade.

the op never said leftists are precisely denying slavery

please address the the actual content and not what you made it up to be

this isnt tv news ; )

Again the OP is making a statement that many “leftists” are saying slavery is a european invention.

But in typical Hannity messageboard fashion let the word parsing begin.

I agree and corrected the OP. The misconception is not unique to leftists, although it is arguably more common with them.

Western Europeans were certainly responsible for the trans-Atlantic slave trade. On the other hand, people who were transported across the Atlantic were already slaves in Africa, and many would have been slaves even without the Europeans. Being kept as a slave in sub-Saharan Africa or being sold in an Arab slave market would not have changed their status.

The unique thing about western Europe is not that it supported slavery, but that it ended it throughout the world for the first time in human history.

you claimed op said leftists deny slavery, then took off arguing on that narrative

dont do dat

Nobody cares about modern day slavery. They only care about 150 year old slavery.

Modern day slavery is a blight on the world. Human trafficking is on the increase and in part our desire as consumers fo have ever cheaper goods contributes to the problem.

Many people unknowingly assist this modern day slave trade, there is no shortage of maids, nannies etc who work for such cheap wages because they are “owned” and it is their owner who supplies this workforce.

Not in America. Only slavery from 150 years ago matters to racist libs and only if it has to do with white people.

how 'bout this… Leftists everywhere are acting like it…

Wow…Human Trafficking is not on the increase in part do to our desire to have cheaper goods. Automation, and other countries poorer wages fulfills that need just fine.

Human Trafficking is increasing mainly do to drug abuse and illegal immigration. If one is not allowed to be in this country legally, that person is subject to exploitation. If one is addicted to drugs, that person is subject to exploitation. If one doesnt understand the language and the laws, that person is subject to exploitation. Women, and children are being sold because there is money to be made, and the citizens of this country are not willing to stand up against it. Other issues certainly get the attention of the media, why not this issue? I suspect it is because politicians are getting campaign donations to look the other way.

Slavery still exists, even in the US but liberals don’t give a damn because they would have to close the southern border to stop it and they want new votes because they’re hell bent on pissing off their moderate voters.

Yes thats right. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Slavery existed during the time of Biblical revelations as a form of debt repayment—very similar to the ways of the polytheistic Aztecs

The focus of those involved in tearing down statues and renaming cities is on Africans involuntarily in servitude, when in fact slavery existed long before the enslavement of Africans in the New World by Europeans.

I wonder if these same individuals would be as open to Muslims if they knew slavery and treatment of the slave was a part of the Qu’ran, or that the first adhan, or caller to prayer, was a black slave named Bilal.

Their focus seems to be entirely on dead white men and even Indian chiefs who owned slaves in centuries past when slavery is alive and well in much of the world

What, you don’t think it exists today?


Emphasizing the European history of slavery while ignoring what went on in the rest of world is misleading. So is ignoring the fact that western Europeans lead the fight against slavery worldwide.

A related issue is the claims that any problems in the world are a result of European exploitation. Exploitation certainly occurred but so did unprecedented worldwide development.

In 1500 virtually everyone lived in extreme poverty by today’s standards. The worldwide trade network and industrial economy pioneered by Europeans has benefited the whole world. For example, the current average life expectancy is 71 years, which is roughly double the value for pre-industrial societies even though the world population has grown by roughly a factor of 10.

Isn’t it funny how we in the west abolished slavery and have the highest quality of life in the world while places like the Middle East still have slavery and live in crap conditions? Did we abolish slavery because we progressed or did we progress because we abolished slavery? Slaves make crappy workers while middle class people make great workers. I’d say we’re better off without slavery, which explains why I’m against Socialism. :wink:

What has been demonstrated all over the world is that rapid development occurs with a market economy and the rule law. The US and western Europe led the way with those ideas. On the other hand, many places in the Middle East have degenerated into tribal warfare.

Of course what does Antifa and its allies want to do? Get rid of the police and get rid of the market economy. Venezuela here we come.

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