With the new Juneteenth federal holiday I have seen the light

The US is a great country. No need to take our country’s history so personal.

I’ll give you that Juneteenth isn’t about honoring slaves. What is it about?

This is all DEM doing. I go back to the woke culture and race baiting.

If Obama was never elected we wouldn’t be talking about a Juneteenth holiday. We wouldn’t have torn down all confederate statues. We wouldn’t be renaming sports venues, streets, buildings, etc…

With Obama DEMs struck gold. They could now point to any disagreement and call it racism.


Let’s face it, it’s weird that’s it’s officially only one day now when it used to be more of a five day spread back in the day.

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…and if we never had a Juneteenth holiday, we’d never have had Obama.

Meanwhile, known race baiter John Cornyn continues his jihad:

You have a problem with making Juneteenth a holiday?


But let’s say you are correct… is it a bad thing to remove statues of Nathan Bedford Forrest?


Why do LIBs need to use every opportunity to dredge up the sins of the past? What exactly is the point? That was 200 years ago.

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What disagreement?

Juneteenth was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

Are you saying we shouldn’t have Juneteenth as a federal holiday? That it’s somehow bad?

So was the civil war… Holocaust… world war 1 and 2…

Yet we talk about those constantly


*156. That’s two people.

Over 500 votes for and 14 against in the Senate and House combined. Not to mention a few of those 14 said they supported but just disagreed with calling it National Independence Day because it would somehow lessen Independence Day.

And yet you seem to take issue with the removal of Confederate statues.

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Exodus 1:8

“Now a new king arose over Egypt, who did not know Joseph."

There will be.

There currently is no Juneteenth holiday?? Not sure where you are going with that one.

The Republicans voting against the bill were making a meaningless gesture. I personally don’t see the need for the holiday. Many already celebrate Juneteenth without the holiday. If I were in congress I would likely have voted with the majority to avoid controversy.

And back to Obama. I’m not stating I wish he hadn’t become President. I celebrated the election of our first black President, along with the rest of the nation. It is what LIBs did following his win that I find to be so despicable.


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Why is that?


Celebrating the end of slavery in this country is a bad thing?

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Only for people who hate freedom and cookouts.


The real question… can I get drunk on Juneteenth?