With the new Juneteenth federal holiday I have seen the light

And I now support reparations for descendants of slaves with interest.

You know. Anything that was promised to slaves by law – passed by the house, passed by the senate, and signed by the president at the time.

At least we are going to have a new holiday that is date certain.

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Is there something wrong with declaring Juneteenth a federal holiday?

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Quote where I said that in the OP. Please and Thank you.

What’s the connection between Juneteenth and reparations?

Not sure how you went from “seeing the light” about a federal holiday to talking about reparations. Most people would assume your OP is sarcastic.

Yeah, I’m not seeing the correlation between declaring a new holiday and reparations either. I had to scratch my head on that one.

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I’m patiently waiting for you to explain the correlation


i wish we would start living up to the treaties we signed with the native americans…

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Sarcasm :+1:

No, I am dead serious.

What is the correlation between Juneteenth and Reparations?

So am I. Read between the lines. There is no correlation. @Snow96 was being sarcastic. The thread title is a dead giveaway. :wink:

We’ve honored slave owners with holidays. Why not honor their slaves?


Another LIB who doesn’t believe there is anything special about this great country. :roll_eyes:

And Juneteenth isn’t a holiday honoring slaves.

Sarcasm has to have some basis in reality for it to work.

The thread title says it all. “I have seen the light…” Anything following that sarcastic intro is certain to be sarcasm.

Ah, yes - because it is impossible for human beings to learn new things.


I think pretty much everyone figured that out.

What we are now waiting for is an explanation about why making Juneteenth a federal holiday is something about which to be sarcastic.

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Next order of business: lunch.