With major apologies for using Infowars as the source material for a thread, Trump's endorsement of Oz, as viewed by the far right, is lame


Infowars is a source I would never use for factual claims, but this piece is purely opinion, which is the only reason I am using it as a source.

Infowars calls out Trump’s stupid endorsement of a man that frankly is stupider than Trump. :smile

Mehmet Oz is a quack and a moron, period.

The only good advice he gave, contrary to Infowars opinion, is advising Wendy Williams to take the vaccine.

He has pushed the extreme transgender agenda.

He had a hand in Obamacare.

He supports abusive red flag laws.

And, of course, he is a general all around quack and snake oil salesman.

If I was still voting in Pennsylvania, it would be for anybody in the Republican primary EXCEPT Oz.

Oz needs to go back to dispensing quackery on TV, not trying to shove it down the country’s throat.

And Trump might want to find somebody a little less, stupid, to endorse.


i don’t support oz either, but i’ll still vote for trump.

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I’m definitely not voting for Oz either. lol

supporting red flag laws? well, at least he isn’t mandating ruby slippers…


Dr. Oz was a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon and well-respected, save for his embracing of therapeutic touch (a pseudoscientific idea that pain and other ailments can be managed by the placing of hands in proximity to a person’s “energy field”)

Then Oprah gave him a taste of what it was like to be embraced by popular culture, and it was all downhill from there.


By all accounts he is quite a brilliant surgeon.

He is a terrible doctor and class A grifter.

I like Carla Sands and McCormick and Barnett all better than Oz.