Win or lose, Trump should fire Barr tomorrow

There is no evidence of this. No Bravo.

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Again. I never said they would. What I did say is that I didn’t like them fiddle farting around with it for months. Am I allowed to not like that? Do I have your permission?

Fire Barr
Fire Fauci
Fire Birx
Fire Wray
Fire Rudy
Fire Pompeo
Fire Haspel
Fire CNN
Fire FOX
Fire RNC
Fire Twitter
Fire TikTok

To be cont.


they fiddle farted because they needed to continue intentionally misleading the base with false hope and manufactured victories.

Wait wait wait, are you blaming Barr for failing to produce results in an investigation that’s not even real? He went farther than any AG in history would go for this patently false ■■■■ designed to pacify you.

You. Got. Played. By Trump, not Barr.


If there was evidence found, then Barr would have 100% produced it by now because he knows it would benefit President Trump politically. He also knows that if he comes out and states that he has found no evidence of wrong doing, it would hurt President Trump politically. So, mums the word and it might be time to consider the very real possibility that there is no evidence to charge Biden and he is being quiet about it because at this point that is the only thing that benefits President Trump politically.

It seems strange to fire such a loyal subject. I hope he follows through on it.

Barr covered up Trump committing perjury for two years and y’all mad at him. Damn.

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It would be quintessential Trump to shoot himself in the foot by firing Barr not realizing they are sharing the same lifeboat. If he fires Barr, all the rats jump ship and Trump drowns.


Yup. Bonkers. Propaganda works. Instead of praising Barr for what he did do, and the ■■■■ show he turned the entire DOJ into on behalf of Trump, instead there are some irate at Barr.

We’ve said it before, but some folks need to kill their radio.

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Are you mocking me? You bitter boy. :slightly_smiling_face:

When you pick a side of the fence, you should have some loyalty, that’s all I’m saying.

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Since when do you believe or need evidence?

Exhibit A: Trump/ Russia

Exhibit B: The Hunter hard drive

How about that bravo now?

Can you refresh me on what my position was on those two issues?

Nope. I cannot. Did I get it wrong?

You think the Hunter hard drive is real? Biden is a crook?

You think they tried to frame President Trump?

Then how can you conclude this based on those exhibits?

But that’s not really how prosecutors work. they aren’t obligated to tell you when they are done investigating you.

I’m not convinced of that yet but it is taking an awful long time.