Will we see $2trillion Deficits this year?

The direct payments are said to cost $500 billion.

We were already at $1trillion before all this.

With all the layoffs and unemployment and slowdown, I think we may surpass $2trillion.

Crisis aside, can we afford it? Should we be doing this?

I’d plan on 3 trillion defecit.

1 trillion already

first round 8 billion
second round nother 50 billion
now 500 billion (they’ve talked as high as 1 trillion).
Continues past first of may look for another big round of cash payments to citizens.

This doesn’t even count the cost of differements people are asking for on debt and utility payments.

We’re all getting bread crumb money? :thinking:

I wonder if the government is considering who they are sending all this money to.

Multi-millionaires don’t need $1,000. (Though I wonder if they’ll sue for discrimination if they don’t get it.)

Perhaps it will go to tax filers who were in an income bracket of less than $100,000?

Will anybody that is complaining about the deficit, give back any funds received during this corona pandemic?

Deficits don’t matter. Quit whining.

I say we all put our bread crumb money in a piggy bank and have a contest to see who still has it next year. :wink:

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The wording has changed the last day.

It was 1,000 dollars to every american.

Now it’s 2 -1,000 dollar payments to those who need it.

Wonder how they will qualify those who are “in need of it”

Deficit spending in times of economic woes makes sense. I won’t criticize trump for spending today.

High deficits during good economic times is folly. Looking at things now, don’t you agree?

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Yikes i hope not.

I don’t like deficits either…except when absolutely necessary. I’m not convinced that this whole thing isn’t being over blown by the media and creating this environment where Trump must react in this extensive manner to simply…cover his butt?

I wont give back government handouts.

Will the Tea Party resurrect and give theirs back?

Just trying to read the tea leaves

It continues . . . there will be calls for more payments to people.

It’s ok, there’s no bread in the stores.


I’ve been in the workforce 46 years, it’s my money.

I disagree. We are facing recession or worse. I supported Obama’s spending time get us out of the recession and have hopes that Trump will perform similarly.

There is a time for deficit spending and that time is now.


No kidding! We went to the grocery store yesterday. I’m starting to understand what the people in Soviet Russia put up with for all those years.


Or Venezuela or Cuba.

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What did they get?

No way, Tea Partiers became loyal Trump supporters. They encourage deficits now, as long as Trump says deficits are good.

Gotta remember, their anger wasn’t towards taxes and deficits, it was over some Democrat in office.