Will Trump win with a surge of late returns from conservative Hispanics in Arizona?

Yesterday Steve Cortes made the case that the remaining uncounted ballots are coming from conservative rural areas of Arizona that are going heavily for Trump.

Rachael Maddow is clearly getting nervous as the votes continue to be counted.

Fox News and other mainstream media called Arizona very early based on early returns and flawed polls. Crowds of Trump supporters were chanting “Fox News sucks!” last night.

Is Arizona on Trump’s path to victory?

If Trump wins the election with Arizona after media called it prematurely based on flawed polling, will that be confirmation of the “greatest Dad joke ever”?

What “mainstream media”?

For the longest time, FoxNews was the ONLY media network to call Arizona.

Even now I think it’s them and the AP.

No one else has called anything.


Oh and by the way, I’ve been telling many of my friends who are so happy at the moment that Biden is at 253. He’s not there yet. Celebrating too early risks the Wrath From The Whatever From High Atop The Thing.

And than YOU for making an excellent case for why all the votes should be counted…EVERYWHERE.

Maybe you can get on the horn to the President and let him know that?

Why? Did you guys tell that to Al Gore when he only wanted recounts in cherry picked Florida counties?

Actually in 2000, I did argue that the whole state should be recounted.

It was Jeb Bush’s Florida that wrote their election laws that allowed candidates to cherry-pick places to recount.

What recounts? The President asked for the counting to stop not for recounts only take place in counties where it was helpful

Good try though.

Yes we aren’t even at recounts yet. The President is trying to stop the FIRST counts.

Well…except in Arizona of course. Keep counting away there!

You on board with that approach?

I like it. Need to immediately stop counting those Atlanta votes in Georgia as well.

I’ve already accepted the loss of the white house. The left lost a lot more this election.

i’m on board with holding to the law of whichever state it is

If there had been a spot on the ballot for lose Trump keep the Senate, I would have filled in the circle.


Can’t blame ya, it’s the policy, not the person.

If Trump cared about the conservative agenda he would have said “Hey Mike, I am not running this time, I can’t keep my mouth shut and I am too polarizing, you take it from here”.

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Meh, I’m happy with his accomplishments. Other than SOTU speeches, there’s not much I hear him say outside of the rabid leftist whining.

That’s nice but in no ways an answer to the question that was asked.

Trump enjoys rallies and riding around on AF1- he’ll hate to give that up.

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Thought he was mad because the white house was a dump? He misses his gold encrusted pent-house.

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yes it is, just not the answer you were trolling for

Oh, but he doesn’t live in NYC any more. He is Florida Man now.

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He’s been the best president of my lifetime and i am 67 years old.

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