Will Trump ruin the Georgia runoff again?

At the Ohio rally, Trump promised a big announcement on November 15th. The assumption is he’s going to officially announce his 2024 candidacy. Will he go through with it after the midterm results? Will he meddle in the Georgia runoff making it a referendum on Trumpism?




With Donald Trump, the fun is you never know what’s gonna happen.

As to the question the OPer had, in what ways do you envision he could screw it up?

Walker’s his guy. The Senate will likely be 50-49 GOP at the runoff time. Both sides are gonna be motivated to come out and vote because control of the Senate will be at stake.

Seems to be so simple, even Trump can’t screw it up.

“Vote GOP, or your Trump Tax Cuts expire in 2025!”

That’s the vibe being constructed between now and 2024. Getting both Houses now is a bonus, but getting the margins as close as possible will do just fine for now too.

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It’s not that far of a stretch. I think he will still go through with it.


Trump sure bothers criminals and those with criminal tendencies.

Without Trump, Hillary would have been the President. A great debt of appreciation is owed.


That was 6 years ago. ADHD is an SOB. :wink:

That’s a smart vibe. A lot more effective than anti-trannyism.

Well, not that any sane person thinks anything like “anti-trannyism” is a thing. :rofl:

I mean talking about bathroom bills and such

Should talk about other things, like tax cuts.

Agreed. The social warrior BS belongs down at the state level with the slaughtering of the unborn.

The federal government has far more important things to worry about than dumbass little Johnny wanting to perv on girls in Vermont.


just as likely 51-48


I don’t see how AZ will go red at this point. :thinking:

Good message.

Someone ought to be paying you big money to be a campaign consultant.

The simplest messages are the best…:rofl:

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It’s true, I am severely underpaid and underappreciated for my existence. :rofl:


There are several hundred thousand votes , some cast election day and others mail in ballots that folks hand delivered because they didn’t trust that they would get there thru the mail, yet to be counted.

Those are running in favor of Lake and the gop senate candidate.

If she is right Lake will almost certainly win. The other guy seems too far behind to me.


No it’s not. Kelly will win Arizona, and that will get the Dems to 49.

And yes I know they haven’t called it, but Kelly is leading by over 95,000 votes.

He is going to win.

There is a small outside chance it could be 50-49 DEMS, but I don’t think Cortez Masto is catching Laxalt.

We will fin that out sometime before Thanksgiving, as freaking Nevada seems to be stuck in 1922 when it comes to counting ballots.

Well shut my mouth then. lol

Here’s hoping for a happy turnabout! :+1:


Why not ? This is the exact position Biden was in, in 2020 in Nevada.

On the other hand Lake is going to win , while talking about voter fraud :joy: