Will Trump pardon Obama?

Kayleigh handles this question like a boss!

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Wow. That was a whole lot of stupid.


I know right? Can you believe it never occurred to those reporters to ask such obvious questions? I agree they are stupid. Fence post stupid.

I thought there was some question on here as to whether or not keyliegh is a baby killing liar?

Pardon him for what?

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She spouts it out there…it gets regurgitated here.

Or is that “regurgibleated”?



Obamagate… duh


Could you please give some commentary on what Kaliehg said so I don’t have to click that link, looks suspicious and I don’t want to download a virus or malware.


Nope. Different thread. I loved her last question. Why did Clapper and the gang testify under oath that there was no evidence of a Trump/Russia deal, then go on TV and lie to you and a couple hundred CNN viewers that there was evidence? Do you think the press will follow up on it?

So kaylaigh didn’t actually answer the question, which could have been answered with a simple yes or no?


That had to be a previously set-up deal.
I remember the BS that Rion caused early on.

You can bet that Kayliegh will use her often to segue into a topic she wants to comment on.

Isn’t it nuts that the White House Press Office is directly coordinating with a nutso “newz” outlet?

Maybe. Do you think that OAN would help Trump? :astonished:

How dare they! It’s not like the other 95 percent of media would do anything to hurt Trump and help Biden. Their journalistic integrity wouldn’t allow for that. :joy: :sweat_smile: :grin:

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Who is the DNC coordinating with?

Deflection noted. Should Obama be pardoned for his many crimes and how great was Kayleigh answering that tough question from the OANN journalist?


Indict And convict President Obama first.

Then there would be a pardon.

The question asked by OAN was beyond stupid.

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What I don’t get is that Trump received votes from 9% of those voters who voted for Obama.
You would think that he would want to keep them for this round. Yet he creates “Obamagate” and blames
Obama for anything, anytime he can.

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sheeple food.

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She was trying to shame them into actually being reporters again and doing their jobs. Is the failure of reporters to follow up on any of the Obama issues beyond stupid as well?

It was a great question. I know this because liberals hate it.

Sound reasoning if I’ve ever seen it.

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