Will Trump go silent into private life after his service

do you think he will follow former President like Jimmy, Clinton, Bush #1 and #2, and Obama and avoid politics or will he keep tweeting daily like he is still the President.

If they let him keep a phone in prison.


No, if he’s still well enough to say something he’ll say the election was rigged.

No, don’t say that. He will need constant medical attention, given how poorly he’s doing.


He will continue to cry, whine, complain, and rage on Twitter. From his toilet. As usual.

Probably won’t even know he’s not POTUS anymore.



Whether it be in prison or as a pariah with a failing business, I hope his life after “service” is miserable and lonely.


He will go straight into a courtroom

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I think so long as his mind and wee fingers stay capable he will tweet and call Fox & Friends on a daily basis, desperate for validation and love.

Fox & Friends should build him a spare bedroom.

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Fat donald will be 75-76 years old with declining health while in court and 77-78 when he goes to prison. So, I doubt he’ll follow the same path as past presidents.

I just can’t wait for Trump TV. All things Donald 24/7. My eyes and ears just get all tingly.

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The Donald Trump Afternoon Movie!!
Celebrity Family Feud with Trump
Deal Or No Deal With Trump

They shouldn’t.

You mean disservice!

Presidential library at Rykers Island New York???


Service? To WHO? Himself? He’ll never stop doing things to serve only himself—and he will NEVER stop trying to draw attention to himself. The ONLY reason he ran for President was to get attention. He has never cared about government or policy.

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My only regret is that he will receive the honors befitting a President at the end, and he won’t deserve any of it. Especially not any military salutes.

All whine, all the time!

He has never been silent.

And it shows.

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