Will Trump get the contract to build Mar Lago on beautiful NK Beach property?

Its a win win. Kim gets golf and fine dining, Trump gets a new Hotel and the world gets peace.

Was I wrong! I thought this OP would open the flood gates Trump Derangement, and look. Not one peep!.

The “world gets peace”?

Do tell.

You are so bored you decided to troll yourself?

How was that trolling. The question is legit. IF NK does the Vietnam model, or China model, its open for business. I have no objection to Trump Tower in downtown Pyongyang and beach front golf course.

It’d be the place to go.

Yup. Self-trolling.

They know who you are and how you have posted. If Caught in the Middle had posted it, they would be all over it.

I’m looking forward to the next CITM warning.

They should offer a badge for that.

I hope you bought “Win Bigly” Scott Adam’s book.

Oddly, I like you and am trying to do you a “solid”.

If I realized “cognitive dissonance” affected my acceptance of ideas, people, schemes, business plans, lovers…I could have saved myself years of trial and tribulation.

Scott Adams, by explaining the concept for the common man, is closest to a hero of the common man, you can get.