Will Trump fulfill yet ANOTHER Campaign Promise by Imposing a toll at southern border?

Reports at rally tonight in North Carolina had Trump introducing the concept of imposing a toll that might yet ultimately pay for the wall.

At first glance seems compelling and well worth pursuing.

Anybody see issues/concerns with such a proposal?

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A small one. :rofl:

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Just another thing to add to the list of things that Biden will have to reverse when he becomes POTUS this January.

More campaign bull ■■■■■■■■

It’s just a applause line.

Now the crowd can chant, “lock her up in a toll booth”.

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And perhaps too a long line will form daily waiting to pay and get into America…

I’m going to have to look up the numbers. But there are a considerable number of folks that come over the border every day that live in Mexico and work in the US, and therefore pay taxes. And every day there are a bunch of folks that come over the border to shop, and therefore pay taxes.

Kind of normal to pay tolls entering most big cities while crossing state borders. For example, to cross from New Jersey into NYC costs at least $15 daily if utilizing an EZ Pass.

Mostly on the east coast. Not true in the midwest and west. Toll roads are becoming more popular. But out in the west (i.e Calif.) the only tolls are on the bridges.

If this is only coming into the US and is it on goods? Does it fall in line with the trade deal that was just struck with Mexico?

This is why I think that this is once again all bluster from a weak President

So if Mexico is going to pay for the wall through tolls…

Does that mean US Citizens crossing the border would be exempt?

If a Mexican crosses the boarder through another means, such as flying from Mexico City to LA, do they have to pay the toll?

Will toll booths only be setup at the southern boarder? If not and they will be on the northern boarder as well then isn’t it Canadians helping Mexico pay for the wall?

If goods are shipped over the boarder and there is a toll on the trucks, that cost will be added into the prices of goods sold in the US so American consumers will be paying the toll to the Mexicans who will then turn around and pay the toll at the entry point. So are Mexicans really paying the toll?

If we consider the toll an “entry tax” for non-US Citizens, and a Mexican crosses the boarder illegally can they be arrested for tax evasion now?

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Maybe they can get an EZ Pass and go through the EZP lane only?
Don’t guffaw, it’s an option.

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It’s hilarious you believe that.

THAT was my idea.

I knew it was a good one.

Toll in both directions…fair is fair…to pay a user fee for all the cost associated with monitoring for contraband…human and material.


They are already being slowed by search and surveillance.

Cars can use FastPass.

This was MY IDEA. I knew it was a good one.



Might get a random search though…you never know.


"According to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol 317 miles had been built as of Tuesday, which includes the use of 417 thousand tons of steel and 679 thousand cubic yards of concrete."

Let’s party. :tumbler_glass: :sunglasses:

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By the time Trump EOs this, it’ll be well past January before any construction begins. Hopefully by then Biden could chuckle as he tears up the EO and sets it on fire.