Will trump attend Barbara Bush's funeral?

The hell he will, his excuse? “to avoid disruptions due to added security” By the way, Obama and Clinton will be attending and paying their respect.


Meh. Everyone knows he is not going because the Bush family despises him, and vice versa. His excuse of it being about security is absurd. Security will undoubtedly be through the roof already because of the number of dignitaries and former President’s attending. I highly doubt any of the Bush’s would have wanted him to attend anyway. And to suggest it is out of respect? :rofl: When has Trump shown a lick of respect to anyone, ever, as in really, ever, in his entire life?

The First Lady is attending I believe. Trump wasn’t invited.

How sad is that? Lol!

Not good…


As socially clueless and inept as Donald is, even he has to understand that the entire Bush family holds him in utter contempt, and wouldn’t sully the family matriarch’s funeral by allowing him within 500 miles of it. So in a sense, maybe it is out of respect to the family that he sticks to 18 holes and two scoops at his resort that day.

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If he wasn’t invited, he has no choice.
I heard the other day, that the Bushes had invited Mrs. Trump but not Trump.

It’s the right decision for Melania to attend, and for Trump himself to not attend.

As others have stated, he’s not exactly well liked by the Bush clan. Glad he won’t be anywhere near it.

Apparently the Secret Service men who protected her for years are now guarding her coffin and plan to do so until she is buried. She apparently treated them like family, and they are returning the favor.

Such an awesome lady.

Tell you what. If he WAS invited and is not going that’ a disgrace. Horse Hockey on the security excuse. SS will already be there in full force for the ex Presidents and First Ladies. If he was not invited that would be different.

Donald would be a sideshow distraction to an otherwise solemn event.


Serious question, and y’all know I’m not a Trump supporter, but what is the precedent on this? Because my initial thought was also security given you’d have every living former and current president in one place…?

I don’t think it’s traditional for sitting presidents to attend former First Lady’s funerals.
Here’s the list from Nancy Reagan’s funeral.

First lady Michelle Obama, former President George W. Bush and his wife, former first lady Laura Bush, former first lady Rosalynn Carter and former first lady Hillary Clinton will be there. President Obama will not attend, instead speaking in Texas.

Lady Bird Johnson’s funeral.
G.W. Bush was president. He didn’t attend.

People attended included former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, first lady Laura Bush and former first ladies Rosalynn Carter, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

isn’t it normal for First Ladies to attend the funeral of former First Ladies not sitting Presidents?

Yes, exactly.
I doubt you can find a sitting president who attended a former First Lady’s funeral.

also with Trump attending it would become about him and a Media clown show he was right to skip it.

If your right Bill I stand corrected. I assumed sitting Presidents attended.

Even if it was normal for presidents to attend, it would still be wise for Trump to stay away. The man has said vile things about Barbara Bush’s children and it was clear she had nothing but contempt for him.

I’m not defending Trump. He’s said some vile things about a lot of people he shouldn’t have.
I don’t remember him saying much about Jeb, except for “Low Energy” and not a lot about G.W.
If I’m mistaken, correct me and I’ll admit it.