Will those that attacked Mueller and his team apologize?


It was certainly collusion. Whether or not it rose to the level of criminality was apparently another issue.


Rosenstein initiated this investigation, and he was already up to his eyeballs in this after signing a FISA warrant. He should never have started this ■■■■ storm. Actually, that idiot Sessions is also to blame for his moronic recusal after accepting the appointment to AG.


Collusion to do what? Just to hear what the woman had to say? Sorry, but it was not.


Low down RHINO friend of Comey Hillary loving trump hating Mueller. In no way an American Hero!


Collusion - secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.

Were elements of the Trump campaign secretly meeting with Russian figures to exchange “dirt”? Yes.

Did they repeatedly lie about the reason for said meeting or other contacts between campaign figures and Russians? Yes.

Did Russia selectively release hacked information that would harm Trump’s political opponents and therefore benefit him? Yes.

Collusion took place. Apparently it just wasn’t obvious or illegal enough for criminal charges.


You affirmed what I said-thanks! Trump’s DoJ initiated this, and Trump allowed it to continue for as long as it did.

The fingers are pointing squarely at Trump.


Sure, as soon as Mueller apologizes for his “team”.


Comforting words for Manafort, Stone, and Cohen…and all those Russians.


Don’t forget Papadapalous.


Just stop…shall we use Peter Strozk as your representative example of the professional you speak of?


Nope, he used the computer data from Crowdstrike to determine the Russians hacked Podestas computer, Crowdstrike is a heavy funded liberal company filled with ex FBI agents. Total garbage.


Dude…because you say it does NOT make it so. Lawyer 1…D or R…50/50 chance if all is honest. Now do that times the number of lawyers on the team and the number of this being unbiased is beyond a reasonable doubt. If you can’t be honest with yourself…and remove your feelings…including pride…you have no chance in life of knowing the truth.




Pass the chew.


That’s not how it works.

The population of lawyers in DC who (1) want to work for the Special Counsel; and (2) have the requisite skills is not split evenly between the two parties.

Mueller didn’t pick lawyers randomly, either - he went with people he knew were good at their jobs. You’re the only one who thinks party registration is relevant here.


It works any way Mueller wants. Does he give a rat’s rear about the appearance to the general public? There are two major parties my friend and there’s plenty of talent…now just stop.


You’re upset that Mueller didn’t use political party registration as a factor when hiring lawyers?

You’re not the “general public” - the “general public” doesn’t give a ■■■■ what party Mueller’s attorneys were members of.


…ok, ok, ok…ya got me. :sunglasses:


Sure. We have no evidence of a single action taken by him in a professional sense being impacted by his partisan bend. Who else should we discuss and what evidence do you have to counter my point?


I’m going by the facts here. You seem to be going by confirmation biases. If you have facts then show them. Show actual actions supported by evidence and we can talk.