Will there be more debates

It reminds me so much of the old Charles Manson Helter Skelter, psycho dream about sparking race riots to destroy the country.

They are like the Manson Family.

Debates? You mean more arguments?

Lol. Biden won the debate.

It wasn’t even close.

Do you still think Biden has dementia.



The Biden has dementia was a mistake by the trump people.

You don’t lower expectations when facing a debate, you raise them.

Biden was steady.

He never had dementia.



Maybe they were really hoping he wouldn’t show up. Their narrative was damaged when Biden did okay at the dnc convention speech and folks tried to keep it alive by claiming it was prerecorded. It was simply panic, fear, and desperation.

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Without performance drugs.
Without an earpiece.
Without stolen debate questions.

Biden won by letting Trump be himself.


He had obviously been drilled with all of that,
injected with something.

This is Elder Abuse from the Democrats

He was drugged. Lol.

Do you know how insane that sounds.


Trump did a good job debating Biden and the moderator.

Highlight was Trump justified umbrage at his work on the virus.

Look forward to the next one.

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Trumps gotta do better than last night.

Maybe both candidates will talk policy instead of each other.


Biden was not…steady.

He was incoherent and stuck to his scripted falsehoods as much as he could.


Biden can’t run on policy so that won’t happen.

Trump will own the stage just like last night.

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But he certainly did not talk policy. I sure you can agree to that.


Doesn’t like everything like remind you of like the Manson family? Like no?

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Sound like they did. See ya later.

What does that mean?

I am glad we agree Biden did not say much. He avoided any real.policy discussions. And refused to answer some questions asked by Chris and avoided the financials about Hunter.


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Not sure how to simplify that question

Are you saying Biden was drugged?

That is weird, Allan.


Does last night’s “debate” even qualify as a debate?