Will there be more debates

after tonights debacle will there be more debates?

I dont think there can be unless the moderator can and will mute microphones

  • yes
  • no

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You know that’s a good question…need to think about it.

Please god, NO.

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If they do, they’d better make damn sure they have firm moderators in place who can keep things flowing, and turn off the mikes when it’s not their turn to talk.

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Mr Shine it went OK. Joe looks so frail and weak. I definitely would not like a weak president. Joe is the democrat party. Trump did more in 47 months than Joe did in 47 years.

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Are You a Believer? Please do not invoke God.

There are such dramatic opposing views. A lot is at stake. Biden had no good answer on shutting down country. Biden backpedaled on his son’s finances and Russian bankroll.

:us: God Bless Our President. :us: God bless the USA. :us:


The handlers would rather Joe not go…

I actually don’t mind that the mics were open. It exposed Trump as the blow hard he is. Hearing Wallace shut him down like a grade school student was hilarious.


Were you watching the same debate I was :thinking: ?

Oh, you were listing to fake news commentators on CNN. Gotcha

Biden was so weak. But he did call our president a clown, liar, etc. Still he lacks strength to be the leader of the free world

yes, I was. I watched it on Fox Business.

Sorry your cheap talking point didn’t land.

The next one is a “Town Hall” I believe.

Will the questions be scrippted and favored in Biden again? or will the mods who will mod the town step in to help out again like Wallace?

Yes a free leader of the world the one who will be friendly towards the Chinese gov no matter what they do right? by ignoring their crimes? "strength "

And does this sheriff support Biden who protected tonight rioters? Biden still wouldn’t BLM by name and that says a lot. The Democrats still support BLM. Tonight’s debate showed that. They still blame the riots in Wic Keho on Proud Boys ignore BLM militias that came armed with weapons.


That is their scenario they want people to believe. It’s like a fantasy, probably, a sick fantasy to try to blame the riots on “White People”. And it’s “white people,” funding it.

It feels like the media is trying to poly a race card war hate.