Will the tyranny of the left get better or worse?

Did I claim they would? I asked if the tyranny would get better or worse. They are chasing off businesses who support police. They do chase and harass people in the street. That is a fact. They do shut down our free speech at universities and on social media. You still have not replied to the question. Will it get better or worse? Well?

Yes this contry no more needs another 20 years of the woke left than it did all the years of the religious right. The pendulum needs to swing again

Over the last four years Trump literally became everything the right said Obama was gonna be and cheered him for it all the way.

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lol okay

Ever heard of conversion therapy?

That wasn’t even hard…

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I mean, my wife and daughters are dems, pretty sure they don’t want me sent to a re-education camp but anything is possible I suppose. Besides, they don’t need to, they already have indoctrination centers people send their children to and even pay them for the privilege. The older republicans will die off.

Nowt mate just saying your past predictions have been a bit off. Your the one posting your predictions.

So in response to your prediction, there is no tyranny of the left so nothing to get worse.

Give me three or four examples of a Trump policies that I should have opposed.

And they still do.

I would say Trumps complete rejection of our electoral system is more tyrannical than anything else but the wondrous father cannot be questioned.

Worse…much worse.

In reply to OP.

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Really? And how does that effect your life?

if I have to answer that then perhaps a lesson some basic civic lessons are in order.

Lots and lots of EOs which I was told are unconstitutional, diverting money away from the military for a pet project, ignoring congress all the time.

It will get worse. So our resistance must get stronger.

Yep, they keep pushing and it might not be all that long before they wish the GOP choice was Trump.

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Many will think they are now in a position to determine what is acceptable political thought and what our norms should be. They will find out they are mistaken.

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Wonder how long it will be before they start taking peoples kids away because they won’t let little Johnny wear a dress to school?, sorry Johanna.

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Perhaps. So answer it anyway? :grin:

Are you seriously asking this question?