Will the tyranny of the left get better or worse?

I’m predicting worse. They are now emboldened. They will be seeking retribution. On the Boise state campus a coffee vendor has been determined to be “dangerous” because she supports police. One of her friends who was a police officer was shot and paralyzed by an escaped goon. But that’s not a good enough reason for the fine folks of Boise State who ran her off.

And then there is this. Some on the left believe that Trump voters must be “fixed” and shown the error of our ways. Robert Reich wants to have a “Truth and reconciliation commission” to fix us. And Keith Olbermann just wants to send us to camps. So. Who exactly is the fascist? What do we do with the Trump people who simply throw up their middle finger at the re-education attempts? Any ideas?

Not going to paint the entire dem party as wanting to send people to re-education camps based on a few nuts wanting it. There are some Trump supporters that want to do worse to libs, that doesn’t mean all Republicans do.


There will be revenge politics coming from Harris Biden administration.


Your predictions so far have not been very accurate. They seem to be based more on what you want to be real rather than what is real.


What predictions? I didn’t make any in this thread. I simply exposed you to news that your sources are suppressing,

You’re welcome.

Seems so bitter…but again that’s what I’m expecting.

As was said about the poor, Trump followers will always be with us.


Are you sure you read your OP?

Can you be specific? Where exactly have liberal business owners been driven out? If it happens, it’s exceedingly rare. What high profile conservative media types and former government officials are trying to forcefully “re-educate” liberals?

I’ll wait.

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The bar that was set here was a few comments by celebrity dems right? Just want to be clear before I bother.

Ok. Fair enough. I did say it will probably get worse because they are emboldened. Point taken. Time will tell. What we do know is that the current situation is pretty ugly.

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Center-right Democrats who brag about beating Bernie Sanders aren’t ‘the left’.

No. You are not clear at all. I’m not setting the bar. I’m just informing you to what is happening and what some people want to happen. You are free to set your own bar. Sound good? My goal was to inform you. Which I did. Whether or not you “bother” is of no concern to me.

Again. You’re welcome.

Look back at your posting history. We are still waiting for a vaccine you told us would be here before now.

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Your sole example of democrats wanting to send us to camps was a d list celebrity.

I was wrong and I admitted it. Several times. Have you ever considered showing a little class or decency? You’re going back three or four months to find one item. What is wrong with with you?

Just reporting the news that your sources won’t cover. Do you want me to stop?

True. President Harris is “the left.”

I was aware of what Olberman said, he’s an outlier and not indicative of the wishes of the entire party membership. Not a fan of Democrats but they won’t be rounding people up any time soon.

There’s no tyranny to begin with. Republicans control Congress and SCOTUS. The presidency is toothless.


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