Will the real Conservatives please stand up?

I’m sick and tired of people like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, and Paul Ryan, pretending to be Republicans! What thee Republican base needs now more than ever is real true Conservatives in the next elections! Not closet Democrats that pretend to be Conservative on some things, but then vote liberal on a lot of things! The President, and Conservatives need to make sure that in the upcoming election that true Conservatives get elected. Unless you want more people like Paully Rhino Ryan?


There aren’t many true Conservatives left in government. Now we have Liberal or Liberal light. No signs it is getting any better any time soon either.

You would have really hated Nixon, Eisenhower, Coolidge, …

Republicans tend to be more conservative on most issues than the democrats who have gone far left in the last decade or so but true conservatives only make up about 30% of the party at most.

Don’t conflate “Republicanism” with “Conservatism” or “Republicans and Conservatives” because they are not one and the same.

Nixon was a perfect example of a very “progressive” Republican. He exerted controls over the economy like we hadn’t seen since the Roosevelt era.

I know. It sucks!

Wish I was older when Reagan was in office. Those were the day!

I was a few days too young to be able to cast my first vote for him in 80. It was a great time to be a young man in this country.

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To me there are pretty much 3 classes- Moderates, Progressives, Liberals, Socialists, Libertarians, and all of those usually go Democrat. So they’re all the same to me most of the time. Then there are Republicans, that are in the middle, and then there are Conservatives on thee Right.

The root nature of a true conservative works against them running for election.

Really? How so?

A conservative tends to shy away from the spotlight.

lol! This is true. But that is why I’m here! Real Conservatives can still seek the spotlight while doing it logically and morally. Not having to revert to acts of physical violence in order to get their points across, like some of the Liberal activists. Using words as tools. Sticking up and having a voice, instead of just playing it safe in the corner. Nobody will more than likely not care about a mere peasant like me in the spectrum of political strategy, but I can still try. I can say and do what I feel in my heart, mind, and soul is the moral and ethical and logical thing to do. If it helps, then awesome! If not, then I aint got that much to lose anyways. lol. I mean specifically in my life.

Wait till trump is out of office in 2020 or 2024 all the real conservatives will come running and scream about How trump was never a conservative

He isn’t. That doesn’t mean that the direction he has chosen to lead the country doesn’t directly coincide with conservatives?

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Conservatives are about racism, defending adultery, higher debt, tariffs and pardoning criminals who FNC says are good people?

Those are weird things to stand for.

Cool. And when he is out of office many of you “conservatives” will deny having supported him and will shout from the roof tops how conservatism still has never been tried even by those who coincidentally choose to lead in a way “conservatives” want them to.

Reagan who did an immigration bill that granted people citizenship?

Reagan who did free trade deals?

Reagan who stood up to Russia?

Sounds like McCain too me.

…while you sow discord.

What did he promise in return for those granted citizenship and did he keep his promise or lie?